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Paving Industry

Western States Cat is your go-to source for all of your paving needs. 

Caterpillar’s paving technology and innovations can help you achieve higher quality on all of your paving projects, and we offer quality and dependability you won’t find in any other machines.

Caterpillar’s investment in new technology can lead to improved quality in the finished product, greater machine reliability and more automated control with less dependence on operator skills. We offer a variety of paving equipment, including asphalt pavers, cold planers, vibratory soil and asphalt compactors, pneumatic tire compactors, road reclaimers, and screeds.

Need help learning how to get the most out of your Cat paving equipment? Caterpillar Paving Products is dedicated to providing customers with quality training and project consulting services and can help each crew member understand their role in a paving project and how to properly operate equipment. Small class sizes offer plenty of hands-on training opportunities for your employees, and consulting solutions can help you achieve success on the jobsite. Click here to learn more about Cat’s paving training.

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