Heavy Duty Rock

These buckets are designed to work principally in mining and quarry industries, with either straight or spade edges. The straight edge has higher breakout force and increased dump clearance; the spade edge offers better penetration.

Cat® Heavy Duty Rock Bucket Highlights

  • Designed for quarry and mining applications where maximum abrasion resistance is required.
  • Ideal choice for loading cold slag or shot granite.
  • Pre-drilled to accept segments and sidebar protectors.

4.6m³ (6yd³) Quarry

3.6m³ (4.75yd³)

4m³ (5.25yd³)

10.7m³ (14yd³)

6.4m³ (8.3yd³) Performance Series

8.6m³ (11.25yd³) Performance Series

6.4m³ (8.3yd³) Performance Series