Gross Power142 mm H2O (106 kg/mm)
Fuel Tank Capacity47 gal (US) (179 l)
DEF Tank5 gal (US) (19.1 l)
The AP555F is a mid-sized, rubber track paver that excels on highways, streets and other urban work sites. It's high travel speed, excellent flotation, and superior traction deliver superb mobility.


-Gross Power142 mm H2O (106 kg/mm)
-Fuel Tank Capacity47 gal (US) (179 l)
-DEF Tank5 gal (US) (19.1 l)
-Maximum Throughput Capacity1288 tonnes/hr (1168 tonnes/hr)
-Operating Weight - Paver Only30430 lb (13800 null)
-Shipping Weight - Paver Only30009 lb (13609 null)
-Operating Weight - SE50 VT Screed only7695 lb (3490 null)
-Operating Weight - SE50 V Screed only7239 lb (3284 null)
-Maximum Paving Width - SE50 VT24.7 ft (7.5 m)
-Hopper Capacity219 ft³ (6.2 m³)
-Maximum Paving Speed - With Vibratory Screed210 ft/min (64 m/min)
-Maximum Paving Speed - With Tamper Bar Screed82 ft/min (25 m/min)
-Maximum Travel Speed7 mile/h (11 km/h)
-Standard Paving Range - SE50 V, SE50 VT2.55 - 5.0 m (8' 4" - 16' 4")
-Inside Turn Radius1.5 ft (0.5 m)
-Engine ModelCat C4.4 with ACERT
-Maximum Paving Width - SE50 V21.3 ft (6.5 m)

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