304E2 CR Mini Excavator with Swing Boom

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Net Power40.2 HP (30 kW)
Operating Weight8996 lb (4080 kg)
Dig Depth135 in (3430 mm)
Engine ModelCat C2.4
The Cat® 304E2 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator delivers efficient performance, durability and versatility in a compact design to help you work in a variety of applications.


Net Power40.2 HP (30 kW)
Operating Weight8996 lb (4080 kg)
Dig Depth135 in (3430 mm)
Engine ModelCat C2.4
Machine Swing Speed10 r/min (10 r/min)
Width76.8 in (1950 mm)
Height12.8 in (325 mm)
Dig Depth18.5 in (470 mm)
Lift Height15.7 in (400 mm)
Cooling System1.5 gal (US) (5.5 l)
Engine Oil2.5 gal (US) (9.5 l)
Hydraulic Tank11.2 gal (US) (42.3 l)
Fuel Tank12.2 gal (US) (46 l)
Weight - Cab, Long Stick8996 lb (4080 kg)
Swing Bearing - Height22 in (565 mm)
Boom Swing - Right29 in (735 mm)
Ground Pressure - Canopy4.1 psi (28.1 kPa)
Blade Down - Front3462 lb (1570 kg)
Tail Swing38 in (975 mm)
Boom Height - Shipping Position70 in (1770 mm)
Maximum Reach - Ground Level206 in (5220 mm)
O/A Shipping Length190 in (4820 mm)
Vertical Wall95 in (2420 mm)
Maximum Dump Clearance145 in (3690 mm)
Gross Power - ISO 1439641.8 HP (31.2 kW)
Weight - Cab, Standard Stick8930 lb (4050 kg)
O/A Shipping Height98 in (2500 mm)
O/A Track Width77 in (1950 mm)
Maximum Blade Depth19 in (470 mm)
Maximum Reach211 in (5350 mm)
O/A Undercarriage Length87 in (2220 mm)
Boom Height - Shipping Position58 in (1480 mm)
Track Belt/Shoe Width14 in (350 mm)
Ground Pressure - Cab4.3 psi (29.5 kPa)
Boom In Reach87 in (2220 mm)
O/A Track Width77 in (1950 mm)
Stick Length - Standard52 in (1315 mm)
Blade Up - Side948 lb (430 kg)
Maximum Blade Height16 in (400 mm)
Boom Swing - Left26 in (670 mm)
Tail Swing38 in (975 mm)
Maximum Blade Depth19 in (470 mm)
Blade Down - Front1896 lb (860 kg)
Maximum Blade Height16 in (400 mm)
Blade Down - Side1058 lb (480 kg)
O/A Undercarriage Length87 in (2220 mm)
Maximum Reach - Ground Level215 in (5470 mm)
O/A Shipping Length194 in (4930 mm)
Track Belt/Shoe Width14 in (350 mm)
Dig Depth123 in (3130 mm)
Machine Overhang0 in (0 mm)
Vertical Wall101 in (2560 mm)
Exterior Sound Power Level - ISO 6395:2008*96 dB(A) (96 dB(A))
Travel Speed - High3.2 mile/h (5.2 km/h)
Operating Pressure - Swing3132 psi (216 bar)
Operating Pressure - Equipment3553 psi (245 bar)
Operating Pressure - Travel3553 psi (245 bar)
Digging Force - Stick - Standard4856 lb (21.6 kN)
NoteFlow and pressure are not combinable. Under load, as flow rises pressure goes down.
Digging Force - Stick - Long4384 lb (19.5 kN)
Travel Speed - Low2.1 mile/h (3.3 km/h)
Maximum Traction Force - Low Speed6969 lb (31 kN)
Maximum Auxiliary Circuit - Secondary - Flow at Pump6.6 gal/min (25 l/min)
Maximum Traction Force - High Speed3799 lb (16.9 kN)
Bore3.4 in (87 mm)
Stroke4 in (102.4 mm)
Displacement146 in³ (2.4 l)
Weight - Canopy, Standard Stick8655 lb (3925 kg)
Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249/EEC 80/126940.2 HP (30 kW)
NoteThe Cat C2.4 meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards for North America, EU Stage V emission standards for Europe and Tier 4 Interim emission standards for all other regions.
Pump Flow at 2,200 rpm26.4 gal/min (100 l/min)
Maximum Auxiliary Circuit - Primary - Flow at Pump17.2 gal/min (65 l/min)
Boom In Reach83 in (2110 mm)
Weight - Canopy, Long Stick8721 lb (3955 kg)
Blade Up - Front948 lb (430 kg)
Boom Swing - Left26 in (670 mm)
Blade Up - Front1808 lb (820 kg)
O/A Shipping Height98 in (2500 mm)
Dynamic Operator Sound Pressure Level (ISO 6396:2008)81 dB(A) (81 dB(A))
Blade Down - Side2007 lb (910 kg)
Blade Up - Side1808 lb (820 kg)
Maximum Dump Clearance141 in (3590 mm)
Maximum Auxiliary Circuit - Primary - Pressure at Pump3553 psi (24500 kPa)
Maximum Reach220 in (5590 mm)
Digging Force - Bucket8498 lb (37.8 kN)
Maximum Dig Height200 in (5070 mm)
Stick Length - Long64 in (1615 mm)
Swing Bearing - Height22 in (565 mm)
Maximum Dig Height196 in (4980 mm)
Hydraulic System17.2 gal (US) (65 l)
Maximum Auxiliary Circuit - Secondary - Pressure at Pump3553 psi (24500 kPa)
Boom Swing - Right29 in (735 mm)

Benefits and Features

The durable hoods and frame and the compact radius design of the 304E2 let you work comfortably and confidently in confined areas. The operator environment includes a high quality suspension seat, easy to adjust armrests and 100% pilot controls which offer consistent and long-lasting controllability.

High Definition Hydraulic System provides a load sensing and flow sharing capability leading to operational precision, efficient performance and greater controllability. Power on Demand provides optimal efficiency and performance the moment you need it. This automatic system ensures fuel efficiency through appropriate engine rating to meet all operational needs as required.

Broad range of Cat Work Tools make the Cat Mini Excavator a versatile machine able to meet the requirements of any job site. Over 200 degrees of bucket rotation provides greater material retention during truck loading and easier flat wall digging without having to reposition the machine.

Front shovel bucket orientation provides the operator with more ways to get the job done faster. COMPASS Control Panel is a standard feature that allows the operator to easily adjust auxiliary flows to achieve the optimal work tool performance, activate auto idle or economy mode for improved fuel efficiency and utilize the security system to ensure protection of valuable assets with the simple touch of a button. The Site Reference System included in the COMPASS monitor provides output from pitch and roll sensors to aid in grading and level trenching. This impacts accuracy and productivity for job site finishing.

Convenient service and maintenance requirements include ease of access to daily check points, 500 hour engine oil and filter change period, 50 hour grease interval on front implement, S·O·SSM oil sampling valve and overall long term durability.

All Cat Mini Excavators from 3.5 metric tons to 10 metric tons are ROPS, TOPS and Top Guard Level 1 certified and include the Cat Interlock (hydraulic lockout) System, a certified accumulator which allows for auxiliary pressure to be released, making connecting and disconnecting work tools safer and easier, and a travel alarm. All of these safety features are standard on the E2 model lineup (travel alarm optional in Europe).

Standard Equipment

  • Cat C2.4 diesel engine (meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards for North America, EU Stage V emission standards for Europe and Tier 4 Interim emission standards for all other regions)
  • Automatic engine idle
  • Automatic engine shut-off
  • Automatic two speed travel
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (North America only)
  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (North America only)
  • Fuel and water separator
  • Power on demand
  • 1-way and 2-way (combined function)
  • Accumulator
  • Automatic swing parking brake
  • Auxiliary hydraulic lines
  • Adjustable auxiliary relief
  • Auxiliary line quick disconnects
  • Cat interlock system: hydraulic lockout
  • Continuous auxiliary flow
  • Ecology drain
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • High definition hydraulics
  • Load sensing/flow sharing
  • 100% pilot control ergonomic joysticks
  • Adjustable armrests
  • COMPASS: complete, operation, maintenance, performance and security system
    • Multiple languages
  • Cup holder
  • Hydraulic neutral lockout bar
  • Literature holder
  • Pattern changer (optional in Europe)
  • Site reference system: leveling
  • Tool storage area
  • Travel control pedals with hand levers
  • Washable floor mat
  • Dozer blade with float function
  • Track, rubber belt, 350 mm (14 in) width
  • Tie down eyes on track frame
  • Towing eye on base frame
  • 200 degree bucket rotation
  • Certified lifting eye on bucket linkage (optional in Europe)
  • Front shovel capable
  • Thumb ready stick
  • 12 volt electrical system
  • 60 ampere alternator
  • 650 CCA maintenance free battery
  • Fuse box
  • Ignition key start/stop switch
  • Slow blow fuse
  • Warning horn
  • Boom light with time delay capability
  • Anti-theft system (COMPASS)
  • Caterpillar Corporate “One Key” System
  • Door locks
  • Lockable fuel cap
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) (ISO 12117-2)
  • Tip Over Protective Structure (TOPS) (ISO 12117)
  • Top guard – ISO 10262 (Level 1)
  • Travel alarm (optional in Europe)
  • Product Link™

Optional Equipment

  • Engine block heater
  • Quick coupler lines
  • Boom lowering check valve
  • Stick lowering check valve
  • Secondary auxiliary hydraulic lines
  • Cab:
    • Air conditioning
    • Heat
    • High back suspension seat
    • Interior light
    • Interlocking front window system
    • Radio
    • Windshield wiper
  • Power angle blade
  • Track, double grouser (steel), 350 mm (14 in)
  • Quick coupler: manual or hydraulic
  • Thumb
  • Buckets
  • Full range of performance matched work tools
    • Auger, hammer, ripper
  • Light, cab with time delay capability
  • Mirror, canopy right
  • Mirror, canopy left
  • Mirror, cab rear
  • Battery disconnect
  • Beacon socket
  • Front wire mesh guard
  • Rearview camera
  • Vandal guard