Engine ModelCat® C3.4B
Flywheel Power70 HP (52 kW)
Operating Weight28660 lb (13000 kg)
If you want a machine with the power to match your jobs but owning and operating costs to fit your business, then the Cat® 311F L RR excavator is your answer. Its reduced radius will get you into some pretty tight spots, and its reasonable price and miserly fuel burn will help you operate on a tight budget.


-Engine ModelCat® C3.4B
-Flywheel Power70 HP (52 kW)
-Operating Weight28660 lb (13000 kg)
-Maximum Drawbar Pull25696 lb (114.3 kN)
-Bore3.9 in (99 mm)
-Stroke4.33 in (110 mm)
-Displacement207 in³ (3.4 l)
-Cooling System2.4 gal (US) (9 l)
-Swing Drive - Each0.63 gal (US) (2.4 l)
-Final Drive - Each0.79 gal (US) (3 l)
-Hydraulic System - Including Tank42.3 gal (US) (160 l)
-Hydraulic Tank25.1 gal (US) (95 l)
-Boom Cylinder - Stroke39 in (1002 mm)
-Boom Cylinder - Bore4 in (100 mm)
-Bucket Cylinder - Bore4 in (100 mm)
-Transport Width - 700 mm (28 in) Shoes8.75 ft (2690 mm)
-Tail Swing Radius5.75 ft (1750 mm)
-Shipping Length - Long Undercarriage with Blade24.67 ft (7540 mm)
-Track Gauge6.5 ft (1990 mm)
-Track Length11.42 ft (3490 mm)
-Maximum Travel Speed - Low2.2 mile/h (3.6 km/h)
-NoteThe air conditioning system on this machine contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 0.9 kg of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent of 1.287 metric tonnes.
-Stick Cylinder - Stroke47 in (1194 mm)
-Maximum Loading Height18.92 ft (5770 mm)
-Maximum Digging Depth18.33 ft (5590 mm)
-Maximum Reach - Ground Level26.58 ft (8100 mm)
-Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth16 ft (4880 mm)
-Minimum Loading Height4.33 ft (1330 mm)
-Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8'0") Level Bottom16.33 ft (4990 mm)
-Maximum Cutting Height26.67 ft (8140 mm)
-Shipping Length - Long Undercarriage22.67 ft (6920 mm)
-Stick Cylinder - Bore4 in (110 mm)
-Number of Carrier Rollers - Each Side1 piece
-Number of Shoes - Each Side43 pieces
-Number of Track Rollers - Each Side6 pieces
-Bucket Cylinder - Stroke37 in (939 mm)
-Cab Height - With Top Guard9.5 ft (2920 mm)
-Main System - Maximum Flow - Total125 × 2 L/min (33 × 2 gal/min)
-Maximum Travel Speed - High3.4 mile/h (5.4 km/h)
-Maximum Pressure - Equipment4424 psi (30.5 MPa)
-Maximum Pressure - Swing3336 psi (23 MPa)
-Maximum Pressure - Travel5076 psi (35 MPa)
-Swing Torque22791 ft·lbf (30.9 kN·m)
-Swing Speed10 r/min (10 r/min)
-Gross Power - SAE J199574 HP (55 kW)
-Net Power - SAE J134970 HP (52 kW)
-Note*4.3 m (14'1") reach boom, 2.8 m (9'2") stick, 700 mm (28") track shoes, without blade.
-Operating Weight*28660 lb (13000 kg)
-Pilot System - Maximum Flow5.8 gal/min (21.9 l/min)
-Pilot System - Maximum Pressure598 psi (4120 kPa)
-Ground Clearance1.42 ft (440 mm)
-Handrail Height9.25 ft (2820 mm)
-Length - Center of Rollers9.08 ft (2780 mm)
-Shipping Height9.25 ft (2820 mm)
-Counterweight Clearance3 ft (915 mm)
-Cab Height9.08 ft (2760 mm)
-Engine Oil - With Filter2.1 gal (US) (8 l)
-Fuel Tank Capacity55.48 gal (US) (210 l)
-ISO 6395 - Spectator Noise99 dB(A) (99 dB(A))
-ISO 6396 - Operator Noise (Closed)72 dB(A) (72 dB(A))
-Shipping Height - Top of Boom9.08 ft (2760 mm)

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