Standard Bucket CapacityBackhoe (heaped 1:1) 8.1 m3 (10.6 yd3)
Maximum Drawbar Pull - Forward192886 lbf (858 kN)
Main Pumps - Maximum Total Oil Flow407 gal/min (1544 l/min)
Cat Frontless Hydraulic Shovels are loaded with options--giving you the flexibility to match the machine front to your specific application. These purpose-built machines can be sourced through Caterpillar OEM Solutions and our global network of auxiliary equipment manufacturers. Let us help you build your jobsite solution.


-Standard Bucket CapacityBackhoe (heaped 1:1) 8.1 m3 (10.6 yd3)
-Maximum Drawbar Pull - Forward192886 lbf (858 kN)
-Main Pumps - Maximum Total Oil Flow407 gal/min (1544 l/min)
-Swing Pump1 × variable swash plate pump
-Swing Pump - Maximum Flow - Swing127 gal/min (479 l/min)
-Main Pumps - Maximum Pressure - Travel4641 psi (320 bar)
-Swing Pump - Maximum Pressure - Swing5294 psi (365 bar)
-Main Pumps3 × variable swash plate pumps
-Net Power - SAE J1349556 kW (746 hp 1,800 min-1)
-Gross Power - SAE J1995813 HP (606 kW)
-Hydraulic Oil Cooling - Diameter of Fan40 in (1016 mm)
-Hydraulic Oil Cooling - Maximum Flow284 gal/min (1075 l/min)
-Bucket Payload16 ton (US) (14.6 t)
-Main Pumps - Maximum Pressure - Attachment4641 psi (320 bar)
-Cooling System44 gal (US) (165 l)
-Standard28 in (700 mm)
-Extra Wide39 in (1000 mm)
-Wide36 in (900 mm)
-Maximum Tractive Force220987 lbf (983 kN)
-Frontless Weight231485 lb (105000 kg)
-Swing Drive2.4 gal (US) (9 l)
-Hydraulic Tank253 gal (US) (956 l)
-Engine Oil23 gal (US) (87 l)
-Engine ModelCat® C27 ACERT™
-Fuel Tank449 gal (US) (1700 l)
-Grease Tank18 gal (US) (68 l)
-Hydraulic System - Including Tank463 gal (US) (1752 l)
-Operating Weight154 ton (US) (140 t)
-Standard Bucket Capacity - Backhoe (Heaped 1:1)10.6 yd³ (8.1 m³)
-Maximum Swing Speed4.9 r/min (4.9 r/min)
-Features (2)Hydraulic braking of swing motion when control is returned to neutral position or by counteracting control for stronger braking
-Parking BrakeWet multiple disc brake, spring-loaded/hydraulically released
-Swing DriveTwo (2) compact planetary transmissions with axial piston motors
-Swing RingCross roller bearing with sealed internal gearing
-Features (1)Closed-loop swing circuit with speed control
-System Voltage24V
-Engine Output - SAE J1995606 kW (813 hp)
-Operating Weight140 tonnes (154 tons)
-Alternator Rating150A (24V)
-Batteries4 × 200Ah (12V each)
-Components (1)Forged double-grouser track pads
-Components (2)All running surfaces of sprockets, idlers, rollers and track chain links hardened
-Travel Speed - Two Stages - 1st Stage - Maximum1.3 mile/h (2.3 km/h)
-Number of Track Rollers - Each Side9
-Travel Speed - Two Stages - 2nd Stage - Maximum2.1 mile/h (3.3 km/h)
-TypeCentral bank lubrication system
-Capacity - Grease Barrel18 gal (US) (68 l)
-Number of Shoes - Each Side46
-Number of Carrier Rollers - Each Side3
-Components (3)Fully hydraulic self-adjusting track tensioning system with accumulator
-Components (4)Automatic hydraulic retarder valve to prevent overspeed on downhill travel
-Gradeability - Travel DrivesApproximately 42%
-Maximum Drawbar Pull - Reverse220987 lbf (983 kN)
-EmissionsU.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, Tier 2 Equivalent or Tier 1 Equivalent

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