Engine ModelCat C7.1 ACERT
Operating Weight21 500-24 500 kg (47,399-54,013 lb)
EmissionsTier 4 Final/Stage IV
We know that when it comes to material handling equipment, your success depends on productivity and low operating costs. The MH3022 is a purpose-built material handler, designed for industrial and recycling applications that call for safe, quality and reliable products.


-Engine ModelCat C7.1 ACERT
-Operating Weight21 500-24 500 kg (47,399-54,013 lb)
-EmissionsTier 4 Final/Stage IV
-Displacement427.8 in³ (7.01 l)
-Swing Speed8.5 r/min (8.5 r/min)
-Note*Operating weight is with solid tires, standard counterweight, MH undercarriage, full fuel tank, operator and work tool (1400 kg/3,086 lb). Weight varies depending on configuration.
-Counterweights - Standard8157 lb (3700 null)
-With One-Piece Boom - Standard Undercarriage and Industrial Stick47730 lb (21650 null)
-Counterweights - Optional9259 lb (4200 null)
-With MH Boom (6400 mm/20'1") - Narrow Undercarriage and Drop Nose Stick49251 lb (22340 null)
-Creeper Speed - 2nd Gear6.2 mile/h (10 km/h)
-Maximum Shipping Height11.92 ft (3620 mm)
-Travel Circuit5076 psi (35000 kPa)
-Maximum Shipping Width9.83 ft (2990 mm)
-With Short MH Boom (5350 mm/17'6") - Narrow Undercarriage and Straight Stick49692 lb (22540 null)
-Maximum Gradeability (23 000 kg/50,706 lb)68%
-Maximum Travel Speed - 2nd Gear16 mile/h (25 km/h)
-Maximum Height37.75 ft (11520 mm)
-Maximum Reach30.58 ft (9325 mm)
-Maximum Height34.25 ft (10445 mm)
-Maximum Depth7.58 ft (2325 mm)
-Maximum Height36.17 ft (11020 mm)
-Maximum Reach32.75 ft (9990 mm)
-Maximum Depth5.42 ft (1655 mm)
-Maximum Reach36.08 ft (11005 mm)
-Swing Mechanism4496 psi (31000 kPa)
-Maximum Reach33.92 ft (10345 mm)
-Maximum Depth7.17 ft (2185 mm)
-Maximum Height39 ft (12065 mm)
-Maximum Depth4.83 ft (1485 mm)
-Swing Mechanism28.5 gal/min (108 l/min)
-Fuel Tank87 gal (US) (330 l)
-Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank9.1 gal (US) (34.5 l)
-Hydraulic System Capacity66.8 gal (US) (253 l)
-Hydraulic Tank Capacity40.4 gal (US) (153 l)
-Axle Clearance - Standard Undercarriage14.2 in (360 mm)
-Cooling System12.3 gal (US) (46.9 l)
-Maximum Swing Torque39828 ft·lbf (54 null)
-Maximum Gross - ISO 14396129.4 kW (174 hp [176 hp/PS*])
-With MH Boom (6400 mm/20'1") - MH Undercarriage and Drop Nose Stick51257 lb (23250 null)
-With MH Boom (6400 mm/20'1") - MH Undercarriage and Straight Stick52183 lb (23670 null)
-With MH Boom (6400 mm/20'1") - Standard Undercarriage and Straight Stick50111 lb (22730 null)
-Oscillation Axle Angle±5 degrees
-Maximum Travel Speed16 mile/h (25 km/h)
-Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure13 gal/min (49 l/min)
-Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure66 gal/min (250 l/min)
-Implement/Travel Circuit76 gal/min (288 l/min)
-Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure5076 psi (35000 kPa)
-Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure3046 psi (21000 kPa)
-Stroke5.3 in (135 mm)
-Note*Metric values.
-Bore4.1 in (105 mm)
-Cylinders6 in-line
-Maximum Net Power - SAE J1349/ISO 9249126 kW (169 hp [171 hp/PS*])
-Maximum Torque - 1,400 rpm612 ft·lbf (830 N·m)
-Implement Circuit - Normal/Heavy Lift35 000/37 000 kPa (5,076/5,366 psi)

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