Tier 4 Bare Chassis Weight without Hoist177309 lb (80426 null)
Tractor ROPS207234 lb (94000 null)
Nominal Water Tank Capacity30000 gal (US) (113500 l)
Caterpillar offers partial machines and systems, working with Cat dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to provide specialty machines for specific applications. Bare chassis trucks (WTR models) can be ordered with or wihout hoist cylinders and most product options are identical to the dump truck models. Typically, these models come equipped with the higher Tractor ROPS certification ratings needed for specialty machines including water trucks, tow tractors and fuel and lube trucks. You'll find these partial machine configurations are used in construction, demolition, waste, material handling, and mining industries and allow you to purchase complete solutions from your Cat dealer, using equipment every step of the way. The Cat Water Delivery System (WDS) is available as an optional attachment with the 777G WTR and 785D WTR Off-Highway Truck Bare Chassis and includes factory installed controls in the cab, a hydraulic pump and motor, a water pump and stainless steel spray heads. Whether your goal is dust control or haul road maintenance, the Cat WDS is designed to put water to the ground in a controlled, intelligent way. The simple to operate automated system allows you to concentrate on more important safety issues like traffic, personnel and road conditions. You'll also find that the Cat WDS not only improves safety, but also reduces truck maintenance costs, conserves water and provides significant fuel savings to help your bottom line.


-Tier 4 Bare Chassis Weight without Hoist177309 lb (80426 null)
-Tractor ROPS207234 lb (94000 null)
-Nominal Water Tank Capacity30000 gal (US) (113500 l)
-Tier 4 Gross Vehicle Weight (Target) without Hoist550000 lb (249476 null)
-Tier 4 Gross Vehicle Weight (Target) with Hoist550000 lb (249476 null)
-Tier 4 Bare Chassis Weight with Hoist180827 lb (82022 null)

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