Nominal Payload Capacity146 ton (US) (132 ton (US))
Engine ModelCat 3512E HD
Gross Power - SAE J19951600 HP (1193 kW)


-Nominal Payload Capacity146 ton (US) (132 ton (US))
-Engine ModelCat 3512E HD
-Gross Power - SAE J19951600 HP (1193 kW)
-Bore6.7 in (170 mm)
-Stroke8.5 in (215 mm)
-Displacement3573 in³ (58.56 l)
-Forward - 17.5 mile/h (12.1 km/h)
-Forward - 210.2 mile/h (16.3 km/h)
-Forward - 313.8 mile/h (22.2 km/h)
-Forward - 418.6 mile/h (29.9 km/h)
-Forward - 525.2 mile/h (40.6 km/h)
-Forward - 634 mile/h (54.8 km/h)
-Reverse6.8 mile/h (11 km/h)
-Cooling System100 gal (US) (379 l)
-Steering Tank29 gal (US) (110 l)
-Overall Tire Width20.59 ft (6277 mm)
-Overall Length39.23 ft (11957 mm)
-Overall Height - Body Raised39.48 ft (12032 mm)
-Rear Axle - Clearance3.25 ft (990 mm)
-Rear Sidewall Height2.87 ft (874 mm)
-EmissionsMeets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards.
-Wheel Base17 ft (5180 mm)
-Overall Canopy Width24.81 ft (7562 mm)
-Rear Axle - Tail12.56 ft (3829 mm)
-Outside Body Width22 ft (6714 mm)
-Engine Guard Clearance3.41 ft (1038 mm)
-Operating Width24.72 ft (7535 mm)
-Loading Height - Empty17.39 ft (5299 mm)
-Front Canopy Height19.8 ft (6035 mm)
-Note (3)Selectable 1,450 hp configuration.
-Inside Body Length27.29 ft (8318 mm)
-Inside Body Width19.72 ft (6010 mm)
-Height - Top of ROPS17.09 ft (5208 mm)
-Inside Body Depth - Maximum9.15 ft (2790 mm)
-Ground Clearance3.29 ft (1004 mm)
-Overall Body Length39.32 ft (11985 mm)
-Cooling Fan Drive - Direct Drive - Machine Sound Level (ISO 6395:2008)121 dB(A) (121 dB(A))
-Optional Tire36.00R51 (Michelin and Bridgestone)
-Note (2)Caterpillar recommends the customer evaluate all job conditions and consult the tire manufacturer for proper tire selection.
-Note (1)Productive capabilities of the 785G truck are such that, under certain job conditions, TKPH (TMPH) capabilities could be exceeded and, therefore, limit production.
-Turning Diameter - ISO 7457:1997 (33.00R51 tires)97.75 ft (29.8 m)
-Standard Tire33.00R51 (E3 and E4)
-NoteMaximum travel speeds with standard 33.00-R51 tires.
-Note (3)Body weight varies depending on body selection and configuration.
-Note (2)Estimated weight of debris is not included in operating chassis weight.
-Note (1)Chassis weight includes standard mandatory attachments, 33R51 tires, all operating fluid levels full and 100% fuel.
-Total Final Drive Reduction Ratio22.75:1
-Steering Angle36 degrees
-Machine Clearance Diameter - ISO 7457:1997 (33.00R51 tires)108.92 ft (33.2 m)
-Note (2)Contact your local Cat dealer for DEF infrastructure recommendations.
-Note (1)Separate steering system and separate torque converter/transmission system prevents cross contamination.
-FOPS StandardsFOPS (Falling Objects Protective Structure) meets ISO 3449:2005 and ISO 13459:2012 Level II criteria.
-Note (3)*Includes standard liners and MSD II (Mine Specific Design) body.
-Torque Converter - Transmission System - Including Sump46 gal (US) (175 l)
-Dump Clearance3.7 ft (1128 mm)
-Note (2)Hearing protection may be needed when operating with an open operator station/cab (when not properly maintained or doors/windows open) for extended periods or in a noisy environment.
-Note (1)Testing done per specified standard work cycle procedures and conditions with 50% HVAC blower fan speed. Optional clutch control fan measurement done at 70% of maximum engine cooling fan speed.
-Cooling Fan Drive - Optional Clutch - Operator Sound Level (ISO 6396:2008)75 dB(A) (75 dB(A))
-Cooling Fan Drive - Optional Clutch - Machine Sound Level (ISO 6395:2008)120 dB(A) (120 dB(A))
-Note (2)Refer to the Cat Mining Truck 10/10/20 Overload Policy (AEXQ0250) for maximum gross machine weight limitations.
-Standard Dual Slope Volume (SAE 2:1)102 yd³ (78 m³)
-Body Power Down- High Idle15.9 s (15.9 s)
-Body Lower Time - Float Low Idle16.2 s (16.2 s)
-Body Lower Time - Float High Idle15.9 s (15.9 s)
-Cylinder Stroke - Rear6.5 in (165 mm)
-Body Raise Time - High Idle15.2 s (15.2 s)
-Note (1)Twin, two-stage hydraulic cylinder mounted outside main frame; double-acting cylinders in second stage.
-StandardsISO 3450:2011
-NoteOil cooled four corner hydraulic actuated disc brakes.
-Brake Surface - Rear13908 in² (89728 cm²)
-Brake Surface - Front9487 in² (61270 cm²)
-Cylinder Stroke - Front12.6 in (320 mm)
-Note (1)GMW depends on tire selection. Consult your tire manufacturer for maximum loaded top speed.
-Body Weight Range21 275 kg-30 623 kg (46,903 lb-67,512 lb)
-Note (2)No engine derating required up to 2987 m (9800 ft) altitude per standard conditions.
-Note (1)Power rating conditions: – At 1,650 rpm rated speed based on SAE J1995:2014 standard air inlet conditions of 25° C (77° F) and 99 kPa (29.31 in Hg) dry barometric pressure. – Based on fuel of 35° API gravity (at 15.6° C or 60° F) having a LHV of 42 780 kJ/kg (18,390 Btu/lb) when used at 29° C (84.2° F).
-Gross Power - SAE J1995:20141600 HP (1193 kW)
-Empty Operating Chassis Weight186661 lb (84668 kg)
-Gross Machine Operating Weight (GMW) (33R51 tires)550000 lb (249476 kg)
-Nominal Payload Capacity (36.00R51 tires)*148 ton (US) (134 ton (US))
-Nominal Payload Capacity (33.00R51 tires)*146 ton (US) (132 ton (US))
-Gross Machine Operating Weight (GMW) (36R51 tires)564000 lb (255826 kg)
-Front Axle - Empty48%
-Front Axle - Loaded - Target33%
-Standard Dual Slope Weight51892 lb (23538 kg)
-Note (2)Contact your local Cat dealer for site specific body recommendations.
-Note (1)Body weight only. Does not include liners.
-Cooling Fan Drive - Direct Drive - Operator Sound Level (ISO 6396:2008)77 dB(A) (77 dB(A))
-Standard MSD Volume (SAE 2:1)130 yd³ (99 m³)
-Standard MSD Weight46711 lb (21188 kg)
-Centerline Front Tire Width15.91 ft (4850 mm)
-Note (3)Automatic body lower modulation reduces impact on frame.
-Note (2)Power raise in both stages; power down in second stage.
-Centerline of Rear Dual Tire Width14.06 ft (4285 mm)
-ROPS StandardsROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) for cab offered by Caterpillar meets ISO 3471:2008 ROPS and ISO 13459:2012 criteria.
-Brake/Hydraulic Tank135 gal (US) (511 l)
-Brake Hoist System - Includes Tank160 gal (US) (606 l)
-Rear Axle - Loaded - Target67%
-Rear Axle - Empty52%
-DEF Tank36 gal (US) (136 l)
-Differential - Final Drives139 gal (US) (527 l)
-Fuel Tank410 gal (US) (1552 l)
-Engine Crankcase54 gal (US) (204 l)
-Steering System - Includes Tank45 gal (US) (170 l)
-Steering StandardsISO 5010:2007

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