Flightbar Width - PF4/133246.77 in (1188 mm)
Flightbar Width - PF4/83246.77 in (688 mm)
Flightbar Width - PF4/93231.02 in (788 mm)
Moving Mountains - No matter how fast your shearer can cut, you can't keep cutting until you move the coal away from the face. Cat® Armored Face Conveyors (AFCs) are designed to keep things moving and to carry the maximum possible amount of coal smoothly away from the coalface. They are designed for high availability and economy in operation. They are easy to maintain and offer long service life and a great return on investment to mine operators.


-Flightbar Width - PF4/133246.77 in (1188 mm)
-Flightbar Width - PF4/83246.77 in (688 mm)
-Flightbar Width - PF4/93231.02 in (788 mm)
-Flightbar Width - PF4/113238.89 in (988 mm)
-Flightbar Width - PF4/103234.96 in (888 mm)
-Dogbone Breaking Strength - PF4/9323000 kN (337.21 tonf)
-Dogbone Housing FoS1.5 times
-Horizontal Articulation0.8°-1.2°
-Line Pan Width - PF4/103240.62 in (1032 mm)
-Profile Height11.18 in (284 mm)
-Shear Strength4000 kN (449.61 tonf)
-Vertical Articulationup to ±6°
-Line Pan Width - PF4/93236.69 in (932 mm)
-Line Pan Width - PF4/83252.44 in (832 mm)
-Line Pan Width - PF4/113244.56 in (1132 mm)
-Line Pan Width - PF4/133252.44 in (1332 mm)
-Dogbone Breaking Strength - PF4/8323000 kN (337.21-404.65 tonf)
-Dogbone Breaking Strength - PF4/13323000-3600 kN (337.21-404.65 tonf)
-Chain Strands - PF4/1132DKB 34×126; DKB 42×146; DKB 48×160/144
-Chain Strands - PF4/1332DKB 42×146; DKB 48×160/144
-Chain Strands - PF4/832AKB Fl30×108; DKB 34×126
-Chain Strands - PF4/1032AKB Fl30×108; DKB 34×126; DKB 42×146
-Bottom Plate Thickness0.98 in (25 mm)
-Dogbone Breaking Force809312 lb (3600 kN)
-Top Plate Thickness40 mm (1.57 in)
-Chain Strands - PF4/932AKB Fl30×108; DKB 34×126
-Conveying Capacity - PF4/10324.95 ft² (0.46 m²)
-Deck Plate Thickness1.57 in (40 mm)
-Dogbone Breaking Strength - PF4/10323000-3600 kN (337.21-404.65 tonf)
-Dogbone Breaking Strength - PF4/11323000-3600 kN (337.21-404.65 tonf)
-Conveying Capacity - PF4/9323.87 ft² (0.36 m²)
-Conveying Capacity - PF4/8322.8 ft² (0.26 m²)
-Conveying Capacity - PF4/11326.24 ft² (0.58 m²)
-Conveying Capacity - PF4/13329.15 ft² (0.85 m²)
-Bottom Plate Thickness0.98 in (25 mm)

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