Wheel-equipped pavers offer high mobility for projects that require a lot of paver movement along with a bump-absorbing undercarriage that promotes smooth paving. Cat wheeled pavers have high horsepower and all-wheel drive options to take on the toughest applications. Steering assist produces an incredibly small turning radius so these pavers adapt to operation in confined quarters. The ventilation system draws fumes away from the conveyor tunnel as well as the auger chamber and redirects them away from the operator for a more comfortable working environment. Optional Cat Grade and Slope control produces the ultimate in surface smoothness. A wide range of leveling devices enable Cat Pavers to turn rough surfaces into smooth rides.

Wheel Asphalt Pavers


Gross Power
142 HP (106 kW)
Standard Paving Range - SE50 V, SE50 VT
2.55 - 5.0 m (8' 4" - 16' 4")
Operating Weight - Paver Only
29020 lb (13161 kg)


Gross Power
225 HP (168 kW)
Standard Paving Range
3 - 6 m (9' 10" - 19' 6")
Maximum Throughput Capacity
1766 tonnes/hr (1602 tonnes/hr)