Maximum Gross Power100 HP (74 kW)
Operating Weight17893 lb (8116 kg)
Bucket Capacities1.3 m3-1.9 m3 (1.7 yd3-2.5 yd3)


-Maximum Gross Power100 HP (74 kW)
-Operating Weight17893 lb (8116 kg)
-Bucket Capacities1.3 m3-1.9 m3 (1.7 yd3-2.5 yd3)
-Rated Bucket Capacity2.5 yd³ (1.9 m³)
-Net Power97 HP (72 kW)
-ROPSISO 3471:2008
-FOPSISO 3449:2005 Level II
-Cooling System5.7 gal (US) (21.5 l)
-Fuel Tank40.7 gal (US) (154 l)
-Axles - Front Center Differential2 gal (US) (7.5 l)
-NoteDEF used in Cat SCR systems must meet the requirements outlined in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 22241-1.
-Hydraulic Tank14.5 gal (US) (55 l)
-Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank5 gal (US) (18.9 l)
-Axles - Rear Center Differential2 gal (US) (7.5 l)
-Relief Pressure - Tilt Cylinder - 3rd Function Maximum Working Pressure3046 psi (21000 kPa)
-Maximum Flow - Implement Pump - 3rd Function, Maximum Flow24 gal/min (90 l/min)
-Maximum Flow - Implement Pump32 gal/min (122 l/min)
-Hydraulic Cycle Time - Total Cycle Time12.5 s (12.5 s)
-Maximum Flow - Implement Pump - 4th Function, Maximum Flow24 gal/min (90 l/min)
-Maximum Working Pressure - Implement Pump3408 psi (23500 kPa)
-Transmission0.9 gal (US) (3.4 l)
-Relief Pressure - Tilt Cylinder4931 psi (34000 kPa)
-Relief Pressure - Tilt Cylinder - 4th Function Maximum Working Pressure3046 psi (21000 kPa)
-Steering Cycle Times - Full Left to Full Right - At 2,350 rpm: 90 rpm Steering Wheel Speed3.2 s (3.2 s)
-Standard Size15.5-25 12PR
-Other Choices Include15.5-R25; 17.5-25 12PR; 17.5-25 12PR L2; 17.5-R25 XHA * L3; 17.5-R25 * L2/L3 PC RM; 17.5-25 16PR L3, 3PC Rim; 17.5-25 GY L2/L3; 17.5-25 12PR L2, SNOW; Flexport�
-Forward and Reverse - High Range25 mile/h (40 km/h)
-Forward and Reverse - Low Range, Speed Range 1*6.3 mile/h (10 km/h)
-Note*Creeper Control allows speed control from a stand still up to 10 km/h (6.3 mph). The Creeper Control will only work in Range 1.
-Forward and Reverse - Low Range, Speed Range 2*12.5 mile/h (20 km/h)
-Note (3)Caterpillar recommends that you consult a tire supplier to evaluate all conditions before selecting a tire model.
-Note (2)In certain applications, the loader's productive capabilities may exceed the tire's tonnes-km/h (ton-mph) capabilities.
-Number of Steering Wheel Turns - Full Left to Full Right or Full Right to Full Left3.75 turns (3.75 turns)
-Maximum Working Pressure - Steering Pump2683 psi (18500 kPa)
-Steering Articulation Angle - Each Direction40 ° (40 °)
-Hydraulic Cycle Time - Raise, Ground Level to Maximum Lift5.2 s (5.2 s)
-Note (1)Other tire choices are available. Contact your Cat dealer for details.
-Maximum Flow - Steering Pump17 gal/min (66 l/min)
-Rated Net Power - ISO 9249 (DIN)98 HP (72 kW)
-Hydraulic System - Including Tank25.9 gal (US) (98 l)
-Engine Crankcase2.3 gal (US) (8.8 l)
-FrontFixed; Locking differential (standard)
-RearOscillating �11 degrees; Locking differential (Standard)
-Note (2)The declared dynamic operator sound pressure levels per ISO 6396:2008*, when properly installed and maintained, is 77 dB(A).
-Note (1)Cab and Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) are standard in North America and Europe.
-Rated Net Power - SAE J134996 HP (72 kW)
-Rated Net Power - Rated Engine Speed2200 r/min (2200 r/min)
-Maximum Gross Power - ISO 14396100 HP (74 kW)
-Engine ModelCat C4.4 ACERT�
-Maximum Gross Power - ISO 14396 (DIN)101 HP (74 kW)
-Maximum Gross Power - Maximum Engine Speed2350 r/min (2350 r/min)
-Maximum Gross Power - SAE J1995102 HP (76 kW)
-Note (3)The labelled sound power level for the CE marked configurations when measured according to the test procedure and conditions specified in 2000/14/EC is 103 dB(A).
-Note (4)*The measurements were conducted with the cab doors and windows closed.
-Rated Net Power - ISO 924997 HP (72 kW)
-NoteNet power advertised is the power available at the flywheel plus front drive implement pump when the engine is equipped with fan, air cleaner, muffler and alternator.
-Stroke5 in (127 mm)
-Hydraulic Cycle Time - Dump, at Maximum Reach1.4 s (1.4 s)
-Hydraulic Cycle Time - Float Down, Maximum Lift to Ground Level3.7 s (3.7 s)
-Maximum Net Torque - SAE J1349325 ft·lbf (441 N·m)
-Maximum Net Torque - ISO 9249329 ft·lbf (446 N·m)
-Displacement268 in³ (4.4 l)
-Bore4.13 in (105 mm)
-EmissionsEngine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV emission standards.
-Maximum Gross Torque - ISO 14396332 ft·lbf (450 N·m)
-Maximum Gross Torque - SAE J1995336 ft·lbf (455 N·m)
-Hydraulic Cycle Time - Rackback2.2 s (2.2 s)

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