Multi-Processor with Concrete Cutter Jaws

Multi-Processor with Concrete Cutter Jaw Highlights

  • Concrete Cutter jaws are the perfect choice where precise demolition/cutting of concrete structures is required.
  • Used for cutting heavily reinforced concrete with large diameter, densely packed rebar.
  • Three replaceable crusher teeth easily reduce thick concrete in the front part of the jaw.
  • Straight-line knives in the lower jaw work with angled cutting edge in the upper jaw to maximize the effective rebar cutting force.
  • Reversible knives with a balanced hardness and yield/tensile strength keep knife wear to a minimum.
  • Side cutter protects the non-cutting side of the lower jaw from excessive wear.
  • Wear plates are welded on to the front plate of the lower jaw to protect the base metal of the jaw.

MP324 Concrete Cutter Jaw

MP332 Concrete Cutter Jaw

MP345 Concrete Cutter Jaw

MP365 Concrete Cutter Jaw