Multi-Processor with Shear Jaws

Multi-processor with Shear Jaw Highlights

  • Shear jaws cut and reduce angle iron, channel iron, beams, pipe, rebar, cable and tires.
  • Shear jaws are ideal for structural demolition and cutting angle and channel iron, beams, pipe and rebar.
  • Straight line knives in the lower jaw work with angled cutting edge in the upper jaw to maximize the effective cutting force.
  • Replaceable piercing tip penetrates material larger than jaw depth.
  • Reversible knives with a balanced hardness and yield/tensile strength keep knife wear to a minimum.
  • Side cutters and bolt-on wear plate protects the non-cutting side of the moving jaw from wear.

MP318 Shear Jaw

MP324 Shear Jaw

MP332 Shear Jaw

MP345 Shear Jaw

MP365 Shear Jaw