Multi-Processor with Tank Shear Jaws

Multi-Processor with Tank Shear Jaw Highlights

  • Tank Shear jaws make short work of storage tanks and plate steel. Specially-designed jaws produce straight, smooth cuts on barges, railway cars and grain, water, oil and fuel tanks.
  • Tank Shear jaws quickly cut thick steel plate (up to 1.2 inches) on barges, railway cars, grain, water, oil and fuel tanks.
  • A total of nine knives around the periphery of the upper and lower jaws leave cut edges flat and smooth, making the cut material easier to load and handle.
  • A piercing tip punches a hole in the tank to allow access for the cutting jaw.
  • Reversible knives with a balanced hardness and yield/tensile strength keep knife wear at a minimum.

MP324 Tank Shear

MP332 Tank Shear