The T56 Training and Learning Center is proud to provide high-quality, engaging trainings to ensure our clients are knowledgeable, safe and confident in their ability to operate and perform routine maintenance on their machines.

Our technical classes, taught by professionally trained and Cat certified instructors, give client technicians hands-on experience working with equipment. Participants develop the confidence to accurately identify and troubleshoot maintenance and repair needs and walk away with a strong understanding of the fundamentals, while also being able to recognize when to seek service support from the dealership.

Operator classes, also taught by Cat certified professionals, emphasize the importance of safety on all equipment. Participants in these classes understand their responsibility to utilize safe operating practices, and learn to identify potential safety issues when preparing to operate equipment.

With over 100 web-based courses and more than 20 instructor-led trainings, the T56 Training and Learning Center is a phenomenal resource for operators, client technicians and equipment owners looking to gain a strong understanding of operating and maintaining equipment.