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MineStar Edge

Cat MineStar provides answers to the challenges mining operations experience, everyday.

With MineStar you can track, monitor, automate and manage your people, machines, and light vehicles in the most effective and efficient way.

With Cat technology, you can expect a safer, more productive, sustainable and more efficient mining operation.

Surface Mining Technology

Surface Technology

Cat® MineStar™ Solutions for Integrated Surface Operations can help you improve every aspect of your operation. Our technology increases drilling precision, loading and hauling productivity, and dozing and grading safety & accuracy.

Cat® MineStar™ features for surface mining include:

Command – Equipment Autonomy

Detect – Operator and Worker Safety

Fleet – Equipment Productivity Measurement

Health – Equipment Health Management

Terrain – Mine Site Tracking & Planning

Underground Technology

Cat® MineStar™ Solutions for Underground Operations is designed to make your operation safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. No matter the size or complexity of your underground operation, we can help put together a technology solution to help control costs, have longer lasting equipment, and increase productivity, all while ensuring safety.

Cat® MineStar™ features for underground mining include:

Command – Equipment Autonomy

Detect – Operator and Worker Safety

Fleet – Equipment Productivity Measurement

Health – Equipment Health Management


Fleet Productivity

Inconsistent processes. Unskilled operators. Misdirected loads. Long cycle times. Extended machine downtime. These are just a few of the challenges that can have an impact on your productivity — and they’re all challenges that can be addressed by MineStar™ Solutions.


You do all you can to keep your people out of harm’s way. MineStar Solutions can help you do more. They increase operator awareness and visibility, help you identify and manage operator fatigue and distraction, alert operators to potential collisions and more. In addition, MineStar autonomy and automation solutions allow you to completely remove operators from harm’s way.

Equipment Health

You want to get the most out of your equipment investment. Staying connected to machines and paying attention to the data they provide is one of the best ways to control costs. Cat® MineStar™ helps you make that connection — with any brand of equipment — so you can head off small problems while they’re still small, run machines as efficiently as possible for as long as possible and keep unplanned downtime to a minimum.


If you’re looking for step changes in safety, productivity and efficiency, there’s one solution that will make it happen: Automation. But mining automation isn’t one size fits all. MineStar lets you choose the capabilities of automation that make sense for your operation, from remote control to semi-autonomous, to full autonomy.

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