Articulated Truck Rentals from Western States Cat

    articulated truck rentals in the northwest


    Not all trucks are capable of hauling over rough and uneven terrain. If you have a challenging site, you need the right equipment to get the job done. Here at Western States Cat, we have a fleet of articulated dump trucks for rent that can handle even the roughest terrain and heaviest loads. For temporary or occasional use, our Cat® rental articulated trucks are your best solution.


    Articulated Trucks Built to Handle any Job Site in the Northwest

    Many of our customers in Idaho and beyond trust us and our reliable fleet of Cat® articulated truck equipment because they know it will work all day and help you stay on track. You turn to us for equipment rental for a variety of reasons, including:


    • Replacing your equipment that is out of service
    • Taking care of an increase in work that requires extra equipment
    • Tackling a one-off project you’re not equipped for
    • Trying out a model of articulated dump truck before making a purchase


    Choosing a model of heavy construction equipment isn’t like buying a new car. You can’t simply kick the tires and take it for a quick spin to see if you like it. You need to know the equipment you’re buying meets the needs of your business and can stand up to serious heavy-duty use. Renting is a great way to put an articulated truck to the test and ensure that it has the power, capability and features you need.


    Choosing a Proven Brand

    Whether you’re renting an articulated truck, you want heavy equipment you can trust. The proven engineering that goes into every Cat machine is your guarantee that it will give you hours of reliable service. We service and maintain all of our rental equipment to ensure it’s ready to work and will provide durable service for as long as you rent it.


    When you’re deciding which articulated dump truck to rent, you’ll want to consider:


    • Engine power
    • Load capacity and max weight
    • Equipment dimensions
    • Controls and tech features


    Contact Western States Cat for Articulated Truck Rental

    Our experienced team can help assess your needs and requirements and point you towards the right articulated dump truck from our rental fleet. We invite you to fill in our online contact form or give us a call. We have locations spread across five states (Idaho, Eastern Washington and Oregon, and Western Montana and Wyoming) so we’re sure to be close to you and your job site. Contact us today for more information and we’ll do everything to get your rental articulated truck to your site quickly so you can put it to work!