320 Excavator – Idaho Grading & Trucking

“The 320 is excellent for excavating and installing utilities due to the simple reason it has enough power to lift a trench box, pull a trench box, it can reach the depths that we’re excavating in, and it’s quick and efficient.”

Store Location: Meridian – 208-888-2287

Industry: Construction

Machine: 320

R1300G Mucker – Jervois Cobalt Mine

“The reason we started a relationship with Western States is, they are really close to our project which makes it really easy for us on dealing with any parts needed, training needed, and accessibility for any other items needed for the mucker. And honestly, Cat Muckers are the best.”

Store Location: Missoula – 406-541-6300

Industry: Mining

Machine: R1300G 


320 Excavator Integrated Technology – Idaho Grading & Trucking

“They are all good machines but the integrated technology that these (320s) have by far is better than others.”

Store Location: Meridian – 208-888-2287

Industry: Construction

Machine: 320

VisionLink – GUHO Corp

“The Western States team has always been a phone call away or an email away with any technology or VisionLink questions. The extensive team is there to support and answer any questions, walk through any setups if things are not recording right, they send a service tech out and get things working.”

Store Location: Meridian – 208-888-2287

Industry: Construction


Western States Cat Rental Store – Yellowstone Production

“The quality of the team and the equipment at Western States is unmatched. Time and time again they have delivered a premium experience. Not only are they a vendor, but they are also part of the Yellowstone family.”

Store Location: Missoula CRS – 406-541-6300

Industry: Show Production

Machines: Excavators, generators, backhoes, scissor lifts, and even a Yellowstone-branded black boom lift.