Are you looking for a great deal on used equipment? We have used machines for sale from Caterpillar and several other companies to ensure you find the equipment you want.

Click on any machine to view all available used machines in a category. We have used skid steers, used backhoes, used compactors, used dozers, and much more! With a wide variety of prices and many low-hour machines, you are guaranteed to find something to fill your equipment needs.

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Used Heavy Equipment Sales


Are you looking for a great deal on used equipment? When you’re considering purchasing a piece of used heavy equipment, brand value is essential. In 2016, for the 15th consecutive year, Caterpillar® was named one of the best global brands, so it’s no surprise Cat® used heavy equipment is in high demand.

Part of the reason Caterpillar has been one of the top brands for so many years is its certified used equipment program, which gives buyers peace of mind by providing a variety of benefits, including a warranty.

At Western States Cat, we understand that every job requires a unique solution. That’s why we have several types of equipment, not only by Caterpillar but also by John Deere and other brands to ensure you find what you need to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Our used heavy equipment gives you quality used machinery at a fraction of the cost.

The types of equipment we carry include used backhoes, used dozers, used compactors, used skid steers and much more. With so many low-hour machines, you are sure to find something that meets your equipment needs.


Certified Used Equipment Provides Peace of Mind

Regardless of what type of used heavy equipment you’re searching for, there are five critical areas to consider:

  • engine/transmission
  • hydraulics/work tools
  • tracks/tires
  • chassis and cab

You want to be sure that a technician has closely inspected these areas.

Certified Used Equipment must pass a rigorous 140 point inspection

While quality and value are a part of each one of our used heavy equipment sales, certified used heavy machinery gives you additional peace of mind. A piece of certified used equipment must pass a rigorous 140-point check by our certified technicians to qualify as a “good as new” machine, and therefore be worthy of the certified used status. In addition to passing a thorough inspection by certified technicians, all of this equipment is considered certified low hours used heavy equipment.

At Western States Cat, every piece of certified used Cat equipment for sale includes:

  • Caterpillar used warranty that is good at any dealership
  • 1,000, 12-month powertrain and hydraulic warranty protection program
  • Assurance of documented, up-to-date service with genuine Cat parts
  • Caterpillar financing options
  • Low hours, minimum wear on tire, undercarriage and ground engaging tools
  • Rigorous 140-point check completed by certified technicians

By taking advantage your dealer’s certified used cat equipment, you can have peace of mind and avoid many of the risks that come with a piece of used heavy equipment.


Used Cat Equipment to Help You Complete Your Fleet

At Western States Cat, we have a variety of certified Used Cat equipment for sale so that you can purchase an affordable piece of equipment with complete peace of mind.

Our inventory includes, but is not limited to:

  • Asphalt pavers
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Compactors
  • Motor graders
  • Multi-terrain loaders
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Truck excavator
  • Wheel loader
  • Paving products
  • Soil compactors
  • Forklifts

While the individual function of each of these pieces of equipment varies, all of them bring a level of power, durability, versatility and efficiency to the industry they serve.  You can use the search function above to browse one of the most extensive selections of used heavy equipment in the West.


Cat Used Asphalt Paver for Sale

We have a variety of Cat used asphalt pavers for sale, including rubber tire, steel track and rubber belted models with rear or front extenders. All of our used asphalt pavers feature high horsepower and superior mobility as well as independent feeder systems designs to reduce segregation and handwork.

The ventilation system in the Cat used asphalt pavers we have for sale draws fumes away from the operator to provide a more comfortable working environment. Electronic self-diagnostic tools help you maximize efficiency and reduce machine downtime.


Used Cat Backhoe Loader for Sale

A cat backhoe loader is perfect for digging, trenching,back-filling and more

The center-pivot used Cat backhoe loader we have for sale is tough to beat. These machines are powerful, but also comfortable and versatile — designed to take on and complete your toughest jobs faster.  A Cat backhoe loader is perfect for taking on digging, trenching, back-filling or handling material.


Cat Used Compactors for Sale

Whether you’re searching for a landfill compactor, pneumatic roller, soil compactor, vibratory soil compactor or tandem vibratory roller, we have a variety of Cat used compactors for sale. These machines are well-equipped to take on everything from asphalt to garbage — they’re powerful, durable and reliable.


Used Cat Motor Grader for Sale

The Cat used motor grader we have for sale combines world-class cab and controls with advanced electronics and hydraulics to maximize productivity. Regardless of which used Cat motor grade you’re considering, you’re sure to get a machine that reflects the Caterpillar brand.


Cat Multi-Terrain Loader for Sale Used

If you’re looking for a used Cat multi-terrain loader with low hours for sale, we have a variety of models, all of which provide the traction and flotation benefits that come with tracks. Undercarriages also vary, so you have the opportunity to choose the piece of equipment that works best for your specific application — whether you’re transporting dirt or supplies.


Cat Used Skid Steer Loaders for Sale

Cat used skid steer loaders are versatile machines by design, but also because of the range of Cat attachments that are available for Cat used skid steers. We have several different used models available for purchase, all of them offering exceptional performance, ease of operation, serviceability and customer support.


Used Cat Track Excavator for Sale

Regardless of how big or small your job is, we a used to track excavator to match

If you’re looking to buy a used Cat track excavator, we can help. Our used equipment inventory includes several different configurations of hydraulic excavators, including frontless excavators. We also carry various sizes — mini, small, medium, large, demolition — so that regardless of how big, or small, your job is, we have a used track excavator to match.


Used Cat Wheel Loader for Sale

If you’ve been searching for a used Cat wheel loader, we have a variety of models for you to choose from. Whether you need a compact wheel loader, a large wheel loader or anything in between, we have a model that will work for you. We understand that the specific demands of landscaping projects, construction projects, waste management and forestry projects are different and we have several models to fit each of those needs. Regardless of which model you choose, you can be sure the used Cat wheel loaders we have for sale will make your material handling and loading jobs safer, faster, more precise and more profitable.


Cat Paving Products for Sale

We have several used Cat paving products for sale. In addition to the Cat used asphalt pavers, we also carry road reclaimers, cold planers and tandem vibratory rollers.

Used Cat cold planers can help you in the first steps of paving as you remove the worn or deteriorated pavement, revealing an uneven surface that you can then overlay with asphalt. Our road reclaimers will do their part by pulverizing the asphalt layer and mixing it with the underlying base to stabilize deteriorated roadways.

After the asphalt paver has helped you apply a fresh, thick layer of asphalt, one of our used Cat tandem vibratory rollers will work to create a smooth surface. While many people search for Cat paving products for rent, we believe purchasing a piece of used Cat paving equipment is an affordable alternative.


Cat Soil Compactor for Sale

If you’ve been searching for a Cat soil compactor for rent, consider purchasing a used Cat soil compactor. These machines will be a powerful tool for you in site preparation work, whether for a structure, trench or roadway.

We have a few different models to choose from, including vibratory soil compactors with compaction widths ranging from 66 inches to 84 inches. All of our Cat soil compactors are powerful and offer superior productivity and compaction.


Cat Forklift for Sale

If you’ve been searching for a Cat forklift for rent, consider purchasing a used Cat forklift. You’ll find load capacities ranging from 2,500 to 36,000 pounds — all of which were built to last. Cat forklifts come in electric counterbalances and internal combustion (IC) models. Spacious operator compartments will make material handling seem effortless, increasing productivity.

All models were designed with fuel efficiency in mind, and the electric models can run up to two shifts on one battery. Investing in a used piece of Cat equipment also gives you access to an extensive network of dealers and certified technicians.


Ownership vs. Rental

The value of owning heavy equipment outright as vs renting

The debate of owning versus renting a piece of equipment is an important one. As long as you can store the machine and use it on a recurring basis, owning a piece of equipment is usually the best decision.



While people usually consider cost a benefit of renting, they often only make comparisons between rent costs and the costs of new pieces of equipment. Purchasing a certified used piece of equipment is more cost-effective than buying new machinery, and frequently more economical than renting in the long-term. In addition to upfront costs, there are additional costs to consider, like the cost of transportation. If you’re renting a piece of heavy equipment, chances are you will need to transport it from the rental company. These transportation costs can add up quickly.



When you own a piece of equipment, you have the benefit of intelligence — meaning that over time, as you own it, you can track it through telemetrics and learn how to reduce job site costs, increase productivity and track operator behavior to ensure safety and optimum use. This intelligence can save you money on a recurring basis, making it even more valuable.



Regardless of what industry you’re in, project schedules change. It may be due to weather, parts of the project not getting done on time or one of many other things. If you’ve rented a piece of equipment for a certain number of days and the schedule gets delayed, you may be paying for the machine to sit. On the other hand, if there’s a delay and someone else has rented that particular piece of equipment, you’re out of luck.

If you own a piece of equipment, it’s available to you 24/7. You can be flexible with schedules and minimize downtime because you have what you need ready at all times.



Purchasing a piece of heavy equipment is indeed an investment. If you get to a point where you don’t use the machine, you have the opportunity to sell it. It’s essential to consider brand power in your purchase, as some pieces of equipment hold value better than others.



Upkeep on owned heavy equipment

You also need to consider maintenance. One of the critical advantages of renting equipment is that the rental company manages upkeep, meaning there’s one less thing for the renter to worry about. But if you purchase a piece of Cat certified used heavy equipment, you benefit from a similar perk, as the warranty and network of service technicians that comes with these “like new” machines will cover many of your maintenance needs.

Cat is committed to the success of their partners through, not just the sale of quality and certified used heavy equipment, but also the maintenance support of that equipment. The value of used machinery, especially from a brand as powerful as Caterpillar, is significant and worth the investment — whether you’re in construction, landscaping, forestry, demolition and scrap, power generation or another industry altogether.


Convenient Locations in Five States

At Western States Cat, we have more than a dozen convenient locations in five states — including locations near Meridian, Idaho; Kalispell, Montana; Spokane, Washington; Jackson, Wyoming; LaGrande Oregon, and others. In those places, we have over 350 technicians — the most experienced technicians that provide service and maintenance in the field or our shop. We have over 61 years proven experience, and through that experience, we’ve learned to listen. We respond to our customer’s ever-changing needs. We have the most extensive selection of the best use equipment supported by unmatched service and support — offering 24/7 service for emergencies and excellent field service every day.



Reach Out to Us with Any Questions About Used Equipment Sales

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