Is your generator set ready to produce and hold the correct voltage? Load bank testing assures your generators are prepared to operate as specified and when called upon. Western States Cat can come to you with our mobile load bank testing equipment to immediately determine the power capability and condition of your emergency generator along with removing carbon, seating piston rings and removing unburned fuel and oil in the exhaust system.



If you rarely run (or run with little to no load), you are more likely to experience problems at some point. This is because light loads and restricted use cause carbon buildup in your exhaust system, combustion chambers, fuel nozzles and piston rings.



  • Verifies generator capability
  • Helps avoid wet stacking and clears carbon
  • Verifies cooling system function o Identifies issues early that can cause problems later


We are a nimble team that has pride in keeping your generators running so you can keep your business running. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year and offer emergency services. Contact us todayWE’RE READY WHEN YOU ARE.