Landfill U-Blades

Landfill U-Blades are multi-purpose powerhouses, able to doze refuse, dig and move cover materials. Equip your track-type tractors, wheel compactors or track loaders for maximum performance by adding a Landfill U-Blade.

Landfill U-Blade Highlights

  • Tall and wide to match the loading characteristics of low-density refuse.
  • Built to both move and then spread refuse in a landfill.
  • Open frame in the upper moldboard for operator visibility and reduced blade weight.
  • Cutting edge for dozing cover material or digging trenches.

18.35 m³ (24.0 yd³)

23.32 m³ (30.5 yd³)

23.70 m³ (31.0 yd³)

38.23 m³ (50.0 yd³)