Coal - Performance Series

Designed to handle coal (or material of the same density), Coal Buckets can increase production by 50% over standard buckets.

Coal - Performance Series Buckets Highlights

  • Maximum productivity in loading and stockpiling applications.
  • Designed to handle coal or material of the same density.

11.5m³ (15yd³)

3.2m³ (4.25yd³)

3.4m³ (4.5yd³)

3.8m³ (5yd³)

4m³ (5.25yd³)

5.7m³ (7.5yd³)

5.9m³ (7.75yd³)

6.5m³ (8.5yd³) Coal Seam

7.1m³ (9.25yd³) Performance Series

8.2m³ (10.75yd³) Performance Series

11.5m³ (15yd³)

13m³ (17yd³)

13.4m³ (17.5yd³)

14.5m³ (19yd³)

19m³ (25yd³)

23m³ (31yd³)

31.3m³ (41yd³)

35.9m³ (47yd³) Serrated Edge

13m³ (17yd³)