Slag Buckets are specially designed to meet the unique challenges presented by slag handling applications.

Slag Bucket Highlights

  • Designed for continuous, heavy-duty work in hot slag.
  • Internal gussets,thick steel liners and structural components add strength and prevent warping.
  • Tip options available for abrasion and penetration.

3.4m³ (4.5yd³)

3.8m³ (5yd³)

5.3m³ (7yd³)

5.3m³ (7yd³)

5.3m³ (7yd³)

8.5m³ (11.2yd³)

9.2m³ (12yd³)

5.4m³ (7yd³)

6.4m³ (8.3yd³)