Grapple Buckets

The Cat® Grapple Bucket is ideal for grasping bulky, irregularly shaped objects encountered in a wide range of applications.

Cat® Grapple Buckets Highlights

  • Designed to handle a wide array of bulky, irregularly shaped objects encountered in logging, recycling, land clearing, site preparation, and disaster relief applications.
  • Single grapple assembly is ideal for grasping objects, such as lumber, tree limbs, logs, or railroad ties with ease.
  • The grapple bucket features a top grapple assembly for optimum loading, material retention and superior bucket fill.
  • A skid bar, running the full width of the bucket, provides additional floor rigidity and wear resistance.
  • Hardened steel base and side cutting edges provide excellent penetration, durability and wear life.

0.76 m3 (1 yd3)

0.85 m3 (1.1 yd3)