S3070 Rotating Scrap & Demolition Shear

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Weight - Boom Mount15578 lb (7065 kg)
Weight - Stick Mount15259 lb (6920 kg)
Length193 in (4890 mm)
Height66 in (1685 mm)
Cat® Scrap and Demolition Shears are designed to make you money. An innovative, robust design and fast cycle times provide the production and reliability you need to be profitable. Cat shears are efficient and can handle everything from structural steel to mixed scrap. Cat shears are designed to get the job done.


Weight - Boom Mount15578 lb (7065 kg)
Weight - Stick Mount15259 lb (6920 kg)
Length193 in (4890 mm)
Height66 in (1685 mm)
Width46 in (1160 mm)
Jaw Width - Fixed21 in (546 mm)
Jaw Width - Moving6 in (158 mm)
Jaw Opening32.2 in (819 mm)
Jaw Depth30 in (755 mm)
Throat Force1016 ton-f (9037 kN)
Apex Force436 ton-f (3880 kN)
Tip Force237 ton-f (2110 kN)
Cutting Circuit - Maximum Relief Pressure5075 psi (35000 kPa)
Cutting Circuit - Maximum Flow140 gal/min (530 l/min)
Rotation Circuit - Maximum Relief Pressure2030 psi (14000 kPa)
Rotation Circuit - Maximum Flow21 gal/min (80 l/min)
Stick Mounted - Maximum92 tons
Stick Mounted - Minimum70 tons
Boom Mounted - Minimum30 tons
Boom Mounted - Maximum54 tons
Cycle Time - Close3.4 Seconds

Benefits and Features

  • More productive by design. Shears are designed as a system solution to cut more tons per day and make you more money by balancing machine capabilities, shear cylinder size, jaw depth and opening, and leveler arm length.
  • Increase cut efficiency by up to 15 percent and reduce blade wear with the dual offset apex jaw design.
  • Accurately place the jaws in optimum cutting position without moving the machine with the standard 360° rotator on the S3000 Series.
  • Power is consistent through the entire cutting cycle.
  • The shears are optimized for Cat excavators to ensure proper matching, optimal cycle times, and range of motion.
  • Increase cutting efficiency with tapered spacer plates which reduce jamming and drag.
  • The cylinder rod is completely protected inside the frame reducing downtime and the risk of damage and allowing for a slimmer design for better visibility.
  • The jaw relief area allows material to fall away freely without hindering the next cutting cycle.

  • Reduce maintenance costs with the new Bolt-on Piercing Tip. Dowels protect the bolts from stress that leads to loosening and a bushing equalizes force on both halves of the tip to help prevent splitting.
  • Work confidently with demanding hydraulic requirements. Major hydraulic components are built with a 4 to 1 safety factor and can withstand pressure spikes up to 20,000-psi (1378 bar).
  • Increase overall durability with the solid plate construction of the upper jaw.
  • The housing is designed with a 60 percent safety factor in yield strength and high-stress areas are built with extra thick plates.
  • The heel plate is constructed of AR400 high-wear resistant material to provide long life between weld build up and replacement.
  • Endure high forces with confidence with the oversized torque tube.

  • Easily and safely complete maintenance tasks. Shears can be greased at ground level along with the machine stick cylinder pin and boom pin.
  • Reduce downtime with field serviceable swivels. Removing and resealing can be done quickly and easily while the shear is mounted to the machine, without the need to take it to a shop.
  • Service and adjust the pivot group without the need for any special tools. The side play can be easily adjusted by simply tightening the pin.
  • Easily change the tip and flip the blade in thirty minutes with standard tools.
  • Access the cylinder’s hoses and speed valve easily from the side of the shear. This feature eliminates the need for a cover that can fall off and need repaired.
  • You are supported. The Cat Dealer Network is your one point of contact for all your service needs.

  • Connecting your shear to a variety of machines has never been easier. Dual high-pressure ports allow the shear to attach to any compatible machine regardless of the hydraulic layout.
  • Meet your specific needs with straight and rotating configurations and boom and stick mount options.
    • Straight – S2000 Series
      • Boom mounted
      • Used in secondary demolition and scrap applications
      • Rotator is eliminated, reducing maintenance costs
      • Larger shears can be used on smaller machine size classes
    • Rotating – S3000 Series
      • Boom or Stick mounted
      • Used in scrap, primary, and secondary demolition applications
      • Provides optimal cycle times and positioning
    • Boom Mounted – Ideal for scrap applications, boom mounted shears allow for easier handling and operation.
    • Stick Mounted – Ideal for demolition applications, stick mounted shears are compatible with larger machines and provide a greater reach.