Congratulations to our Idaho Falls team, who recently celebrated being a safe work place without a recordable safety incident in two years!

The team has taken this to heart, and actively worked over the last two years to look out for each other and make sure everyone can safely return home at the end of the day, Branch Manager Dean Lynn explained.

“The Idaho Falls team truly has a commitment to our safety and they have all found the ‘My Why’ so they can go home to their families every day,“ Dean said, “I also feel that the team here understands the positive effect that our safe work place practices have on our clients and our community.”

Encouraging employees to think about the reasons “Why” they want to stay safe, such as spending time with family or hobbies they enjoy outside of work, has been a great tool for the Idaho Falls store. In addition to “My Why”, the Service team starts every day with stretch and flex, a series of stretches intended to help technicians warm up their muscles before starting their shift, and a safety brief before getting onto the shop floor.

“We view safety in a positive manner. We don’t wait for safety meetings to talk about safety. It’s something we talk about throughout the day and in every aspect of our jobs,” said Dean.

“I’m proud to be part of a team that takes our safety so seriously and has the commitment not only to work safely, but also to take their safe practices home with them,” he said.