The Pocatello team recently celebrated an awesome safety achievement: 365 days with no injuries!

December 15 marked the one-year milestone for the Pocatello store. To celebrate their accomplishment, the team enjoyed lunch together and each received a custom tumbler to commemorate the occasion.

“When you have a large store with a lot of employees like Pocatello, a greater collective effort is needed to mitigate the risk. Pocatello is managing those risks by embracing and implementing the various tools and techniques we recently refreshed such as our Peer-to-Peer Observations, revamped JHA process, leading indicator participation, and more!” said Safety Director Zach Penich.

The leadership team at the Pocatello store has also taken safety to heart. Product Support Branch Manager David Pugh organizes and performs My Why training for new employees, regardless of what department they’re in.

“Talking to employees throughout the day, it was clear that everyone is very proud of this milestone,” Zach said, “They feel that this is just the way business should be performed. The more barriers we place between hazards and ourselves in terms of our training, tools, techniques, ownership, and our steadfast commitment to safety, the more we can continue to prevent unnecessary pain and injury.”

“This accomplishment is clear evidence of a strong safety culture that everyone embraces.  From leaders to all of the employees, everyone is extremely engaged and incredibly focused on sending employees home safe, every day.” Zach said.

Check out these photos of the event, courtesy of Safety and Environmental Trainer Blake Harrison: