COMING SOON: Cat Rental Store

Western States is thrilled to announce the opening of a new Cat Rental Store location in Fruitland, Idaho this spring.

Located on Agri-Service property, the Fruitland store will be based out of a portable trailer.

“The new Fruitland CRS will enable Western States to serve our rural customers with a convenient location for their small rental needs,” Dustin Patton, Rental Fleet Maintenance Manager, said.

“We continue to look for opportunities to grow our footprint and market share,” said Buddy Braach, VP of Rental Services. The Fruitland store is part of “Fast Rents,” a new business model aimed at well-populated rural areas that are at least one hour away from an already established CRS location.

The first store to be part of this model, Butte, has been very successful since its opening in 2018.

“Butte started off very small, and they’re expanding,” said Procurement Services Manager Heather Black. In the next few months, the Butte store will be undergoing construction to replace their trailer with a brick-and-mortar store front.

With two big CRS projects underway, it’s an exciting time of growth and expansion for Western States. Check back in the next few weeks for construction updates and store openings!

A map showing the location of the new Fruitland Cat Rental Store, complete with fence, gate and machine display.