Customers flaunting belt buckles and cowboy boots sauntered into the Pendleton shop on Thursday to enjoy a customer appreciation day BBQ. They were greeted with the savory smell of smoked tri-tip, fall-off-the-bone chicken, baked beans, and plenty more from our in-house pit-master, Tim Fought, Pasco shop supervisor.

Some customer appreciation events are a mad stampede of guests, with impatient lines a mile long, or customers who wolf down food in order to head straight back to the job site. Pendleton was different. A friendly, comfortable atmosphere punctuated with laughter permeated the repair bays where guests were eating.  Store staff had the opportunity to personally greet most customers and thank them for their support.  Guests, too, felt relaxed, with many lingering to catch up with each other long after their plates were clean.

As Tim’s re-purposed smokers cooled down, their smoke slowly vanished into the blue sky, and customers ambled away with full bellies and smiles on their faces, it could be concluded that quality over quantity prevailed at the Pendleton shop.