The question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a pretty common one for kids to hear. One of our own CRC Service foremen talked about his experience exploring this question with career day goers. Read on! Some young people seem to have been born with a knowledge of exactly what type of career they want to pursue, for others, it might take a field trip, job shadow experience, some life experience, or hearing someone else talk about their job to spark that interest.

Josh Jacobson, Pocatello CRC Service Foreman, got a chance to be the one to spark that interest recently when he was invited to visit Gem Prep Academy’s career day.  Josh found himself in front of a room full of second-grade kids and had the opportunity to explain what he does each day and why he enjoys working at Western States.

While these second graders won’t be entering the workforce for a number of years, Josh’s willingness to give back to the Pocatello community may just inspire a kid in that class to pursue their love of big machines as a career in the future.