Jacob Lauderdale has always loved working with equipment. Now as a Machine Application Specialist, he’s thrilled to share his passion with clients and the next generation of Cat technicians.

As a kid, Jacob loved seeing heavy equipment in action on the highways, in the woods and even while helping the neighbor on his backhoe. Following a career path change after college, he started looking for a chance to become part of the Cat family.

“That first open door for me was in the Rentco (Heavy Rents) division as a mechanic, and the rest is history,” Jacob said, “What’s kept me here are the opportunities! Opportunities to grow on my own career path, to gain new relationships, find lifelong friendships with my coworkers and clients, and to set my family up for a life I can be proud of, enjoy and be successful in. I’ve had opportunities to see things that I would never get to see outside of the organization.”

In his current role, Jacob spends a lot of time on the road teaching clients about their new equipment, demoing machines, and much more. One of his favorite parts of the job, he said, is getting to see a client’s face when they realize what a machine can do for their business.

“They get to see our product shape their future and make each job they have easier. When we show them every feature of the machine we’re showing that we care about their organization as a whole, rather than just selling a product to them and waiting for the next dollar transaction,” Jacob said, “I also really enjoy helping out my team. I get to work with so many different parts of the business and multiple stores. I get to interact with everyone and help with different machines and situations, and it is really gratifying knowing that I can help those people.”

Recently, Jacob was selected to be a dealer mentor for contestants participating in the Cat Trial 10: Tech Test. As a mentor, Jacob was responsible for coaching student technicians as they completed an obstacle course focused on the skillset needed to be a successful technician for a Caterpillar dealership.

“I really enjoyed getting to talk to them and hear their stories about why they are coming on and getting to explain to them that I started in their shoes and have gotten the opportunity to evolve here at the dealership,” Jacob said, “I know our need for techs is huge moving forward and I was in their shoes, so being able to help inspire and explain to them why it is fun to be a part of this family is a great thing.”