At seven years old, Linda Monette knew she wanted to work for Western States. Now celebrating her 35th year with the company, Linda says she’s proud to be part of a team that’s committed to safety.

Linda, who now works out of the Meridian store as a Heavy Rents Rental Coordinator, was first introduced to Western States while picking up machine parts with her father.

“I grew up in construction and wanted to work at WSECO since I was seven or eight years old,” she said, “I remember going with my dad to get parts, and when we left the building I turned to him and said ‘When I grow up, I’m going to work here.’”

When Linda first joined Western States as a parts runner, she said she was initially motivated by the challenge to prove herself. Looking back on her career, she said she’s now driven by a love of the equipment, customers and WSECO’s focus on safety.

“After 35 years Linda’s passion for our business remains strong.  She has served in many roles contributing to our growth and success.  Linda possesses an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer care with a ‘never quit’ approach to each opportunity,” said Heavy Rents Rental Manager Steve Huling.

In her free time, Linda and her husband love to go dirt biking and snowmobiling.

“Both sports give me the adrenaline thrill and challenge I crave,” she said, “Anything outside camping with our family and friends is at the top of my list, and hiking new trails in the Sawtooth mountains is my getaway.”

For people just starting out in their careers, Linda’s biggest piece of advice is to always be open to constantly learning.

“Be a sponge. Read, ask questions, don’t be shy to think outside of the box, and be able to stand up for what’s right for our company and our customers,” she said.