Instead of throwing away a busted engine, the Twin Falls team got creative.

The old 3408 engine had been taken out of a customer’s machine. With a ruined block, the engine was unusable.  After reaching out to the customer, who was going to throw it away, the Twin Falls team used the engine block to create a new piece of art in their lobby: a coffee table.

New paint and a sandblasted Caterpillar logo were the first steps in turning the block into a conversation starter. A glass tabletop and color-changing lights finished off the piece.

The project brought the store together; employees from Service, Parts, and Rental all helped to work on it. Brad Stamper, Twin Falls Branch Manager, said the coffee table project has become a point of pride for everyone involved, and was a great morale booster for the store during a difficult time.

“I’m really proud of these guys for showing up here every day, with good attitudes,” he said.