This fall, as University of Montana (Missoula) faculty and staff prepared the stadium for Grizzly game day traffic, preparations were halted by the discovery of local osprey in the stadium’s lighting structures. They were going to need a lift big enough for the job.

The problem? Osprey nests are nothing like the small, delicate housing structures of robins and other small birds. Instead, osprey nests often incorporate large sticks and even branches that are sturdy enough to hold the bird’s large frame. Because of this, potential loose debris falling from their nests creates a safety hazard.

For the sake of safety, the nests had to move.

Initially the University of Montana staff attempted to remove the nest on their own using a school-owned lift. Unfortunately this proved to be futile when the lift would not reach necessary height for the removal operation. Our Missoula branch, however, was able to come to the rescue with a 40,000 pound, 135 foot lift that was more than enough to get the job done.

We place value on real people and real relationships. We have a commitment to safety, be it that of our employees, our customers, those we don’t know, or University of Montana students and staff. We are a company of integrity, carrying our values into our communities through the dedicated effort and commitment to teamwork displayed by employees throughout the company.

Today, we say “thank you” and take time to celebrate the dedicated efforts of the Missoula store for passing along the legacy that we are built to deliver.