Nearly 13,000 people participated in St. Luke’s FitOne 5K, 10K or half marathon in Boise, Idaho, some of which were Western States employees. This race is part of a 20-year-running Idaho Women’s Fitness Celebration, founded by former Olympian Anne Audain (a middle and long-distance runner from New Zealand).

While approximately 75% of participants this year were female, the event began incorporating men’s fitness a few years ago and has recently shifted focus to the needs of Idaho children, with fundraising efforts supporting St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital. Despite the shifting focus, however, until opened to male participation just a few years ago, the FitOne was the largest women’s 5K in the nation.

This year, Western States was represented by a team of 42 employees and family members spanning all three races. This included:

Half Marathon (13.1 miles): Toby Miller and Jennifer Krasselt

10K (6.2 miles): Sakena and Ryan Lesmeister (and child), Kelly and Kevin Olson (and children)

5K (3.1 miles): Fallon Urquhart, Seth and Katie Thomas (and children), Marty Jarnagin, Andrew and Brittany Sailors (and children), Tyler and Meghan Simmons (and child), Michael and Tanya Hasslbauer (and child), Jordan and Kelsey Everhart, Karen and Mark Shafner (and child), Annette Gilbertson, Cassandra Shuttleworth, Marshall and Brogan See, Mark and Teri Barker (and child), Rachel and Reece Noble (and children), and Toby and Shannon Miller

Western States participants enjoyed beautiful weather while spending time with their families and one another. Some of our participants ran. Many walked. Impressively, Toby Miller completed his 13.1 mile run in 1 hour and 28 min, placing 10th of 1,265 half marathon participants and 3rd in his age group. He then continued, running the 5K with his wife shortly after crossing the finish line for the first race.

In addition to September’s race, FitOne sponsors year-round events including a weight loss challenge, a family field day, an inflatables 5K and others.