Tyler Simmons completed the Mining Practitioner Program earlier this year, a seven-month course developed in partnership with Caterpillar and the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Improving his capabilities and knowledge within the mining industry.

The online program is an opportunity for Caterpillar and dealer employees to increase their knowledge and expertise surrounding the mining industry. By the end of the course, participants earn a South Dakota School of Mines Professional Development Certificate in Mining Studies.

“I was able to learn from industry experts with years of experience while interacting with our clients. This allowed me to take what I learned in class to the field quickly to better understand the topics I was taught,” Tyler said.

Faculty members from the School gave live online lectures on topics ranging from industry overviews to environmental sustainability and the future of mining. The learning outcomes of the program focused on giving students the ability to relate to clients in the mining industry by better understanding their challenges, goals, and breakthroughs.

“Through this program and the education I received I’m now better able to understand our clients’ mining operations and how to support them for success,” Tyler said, “I understand their world a little bit more which allows me to help connect the dots between the data and information we are seeing with what is happening in the real world.”