Congratulations to our Missoula store team, who recently achieved one year without a recordable safety incident!

Safety should always be top of mind, and it’s great to see that awareness pay off. Last month the Missoula store celebrated a full year without a recordable safety incident with an employee lunch .

“This is just the first step in a long commitment to safety for our Missoula team,” said Regional Rental Manager Jeff Ryan, “I think it’s important to celebrate these milestones, because it shows that we are committed to making choices that don’t send people home injured and unable to participate in activities with their families.”

It takes everyone’s full participation and commitment to safety to reach milestones like this one. Jeff said that for the rental store, every day starts with group stretching and a high-level breakdown of the upcoming day’s activities, or a discussion about issues that came up the day before. Kicking off the work day with a conversation about safety helps the entire team is looking out for themselves and for each other when it comes to potential dangers.

“Our goal is to prepare for and eliminate the hazards in our daily business before we encounter them. Our team also has a strong commitment to not only completing Jobsite Hazard Analyses but also having their peers review them,” Jeff said,  “It should be a front of mind goal for everyone who works here to have a career where no one they know ever had a lost time injury or incident.”