Earlier this week, we received an urgent request for help through our website for Western States Service. A lady traveling with her 82-year-old mother was having problems with a motor home when traveling up large grades. Enter Spokane’s Truck Shop team. On short notice, they helped the ladies get back on the road worry-free. For their efforts, the customer’s daughter sent the following email:

Just a quick response to the great service my mom and I experienced today at Western States Cat in Spokane. I want to thank all who were involved helping get our motor home up and running correctly. We had no problems on the way home just so you know.
It was a long day but my sincere thanks to Mike Andersen for his patience in us checking on the progress and reassuring us all was going well.
We were absolutely shocked when the bill was generated. It was a wonderful thing when my mom was smiling walking out the door. At 82 years old she felt grateful you charged a fair price.
Thank you ever so much. We will definitely tell others about you. ~ Cynthia P.

Larry Hollen, Service Manager, relayed a comical backstory to complete the picture. “The ladies were more upset with dad/husband for knowing about the problems and not taking care of them,” Hollen said. “When the lights came on for overheating he told them, ‘Don’t worry about it; it’s done that forever!'”

We’re glad someone took the initiative to get the problem fixed before they were stranded along the road! Great job to all who helped in this time of need and proved that our team’s customer service takes a backseat to no one.