After a tough competition and weeks of training, Martin Bills of Bills Construction took second place at the North American Regional Finals Operator Challenge this week.

“Martin did amazing yesterday and had a great time showcasing himself. He was the talk of the Cat representatives,” said Jacob Lauderdale, Western States machine application specialist, “It’s so cool to see our guy being asked how Cat can improve.”

Cat also heaped praise on Bills’ abilities.

“Martin is the best excavator operator I have seen in a long time. And he has the best grasp of technology on these machines as an operator out of anyone else in the country. He is impressive,” said Cat market professional Jason Hagedorn.

Bills is the winner of the Western States Operator Challenge, which took place in September. Since then, he has been practicing with Lauderdale at our Pocatello store, honing his skills and utilizing some of the machines that the team knew would be used in the North American finals.

A huge congratulations on your stellar accomplishment, Martin! Having one of the top operators in North American represent Western States makes us all proud.