Giving back to our communities isn’t something we do just during the holiday season, but year-round. There are many homeless students in the Pendleton area, some in tents, cars, or couch surfing. To curb this issue, our Pendleton team has been working with a locally run non-profit that aids in housing and supporting homeless students. The mission is to keep the students in the school with support from the community.

Our Pendleton team has just finished their second year of adopting a homeless student. The program provides the team with a list of the student’s wants and needs. At the beginning of the school year donations of needs and necessities such as clothing, personal items, and school supplies along with a few fast-food gift cards- something they wouldn’t normally get- are collected and provided to the student. Come Christmas time the team donates items off of the ‘wants’ list while following up again in the spring.

The whole team enjoys knowing they are supplying the needs for the student to stay in school, yet still providing some fun. If the adage, “Today’s students are tomorrow’s future” holds true, then our Pendleton teammates are helping make the future a brighter place.