Here’s a story about how people and machine technology came together to replace an aging baseball field in Seattle. 

AM Landshaper, LLC of Spokane has an esteemed reputation. They know dirt, and they know how to shape, shift, move, and manipulate it to produce incredible landscapes. That’s why owner Mark Albin received a phone call from Seattle Mariner’s facilities superintendent Bob Christofferson about the aging Safeco Field in Seattle.

Bob needed a job done. And fast. He asked Mark if he and his crew could totally renovate the deteriorating ball field in just three weeks. The field dated back 19 years to 1998 when hometown all-stars like Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, Alex Rodriguez, and Randy Johnson were digging their cleats into it. Mark accepted the challenge and needed to hit the ground running. He also needed reliable equipment, service, and technology to back his efforts right off the bat. So, he called Western States Cat.

Western States stepped up to the plate and the AM Landshaper crew went to work. While each project has challenges, this one, in particular, posed some interesting ones, including incredibly exacting grade tolerances and hidden underground irrigation lines and heating systems.

So how did our customers address these challenges, and how did we help? Watch the video to find out. You’ll see proof that people and machine technology make a difference.