A team of 11 employees equipped with a plethora of Cat hats visited the local Veterans’ Administration hospital as part of the newly formed Western Cares program. The crew made rounds through the entire 37.4 acre campus and greeted patients with a friendly smile, thanked them for their service, and offered them a USA themed Cat hat. “It’s a morale thing for our patients,” explains Sharon Clark, Voluntary Service Chief.  “To have the community care about them and take time out of their busy day to come say hello and pass out a hat or two makes them feel much appreciated.”

Aside from benefitting the local community, employees of Western States gain a great deal of purpose from events like this. Sean Miller elaborates, “For the employees to know that Western States cares about its communities and people, creates a sense of pride to work for a company that gives back. It builds teamwork across various departments that otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to work together.”

The VA hospital in Boise is ranked 5th in the nation in terms of patient satisfaction with regards to quality of care received. Vietnam vets account for 80-85% of patients seeking medical attention at the hospital and 15% of all patients are women. The campus includes an emergency room, inpatient and outpatient services, a Women’s Wellness Center (providing exclusive women’s services), and a 23 resident extended living center.

The Western Cares program was established in November of 2015 encouraging leadership teams to organize events that benefit their local communities, a value held in high regard by Western States. Each dealership is allowed to choose an organization to support that they are passionate about. Veterans are one of Meridian’s chosen focuses.