Western States Safety Technology Summit

This year, Western States Cat had the opportunity to host Safety Technology Summits throughout our territory. What is a Safety Technology Summit? This was a free in-person training event that covered new technologies and educational tactics that companies can use to improve their job site safety. Attendees got to learn about resources, tools, and technologies to mitigate property damage, eliminate operator blind spots, remove operators from dangerous situations, and keep workers safe around equipment! These safety trainings were accessible to business owners, safety managers, foremen, superintendents, and other community members who prioritize safety. Our Worksite Solutions team partnered with Cat Safety Professionals to discuss and show how safety technology can function on different job sites. Safety is not a rule, it is a value that we at Western States Cat uphold and believe is the most important value to share with the community.

Training Content

The keynotes that were provided proved to not only be educational but also engaging. These discussions included examples of potential safety concerns on job sites whether it be human factors or even job site locations. Human factors play a key role in preventing on site safety accidents and our team led important discussions on how companies can be leaders of prevention. The different solutions focused on leadership and communication within a team. Leadership starts with setting expectations and boundaries by having pre-project meetings, personally living up to the expectations that are set, and rewarding people who are demonstrating excellent safety skills. Open communication within a team is highly important. Leaders should be transparent about all safety issues and strive to have trust within their team. These tools are the baseline for keeping project sites and it’s members safe. 

After the group discussions, attendees participated in hands on activities that showcased the advancement in safety technology that Western States offers. These technology offerings included:

Overall, all of the technological advancements presented at our Safety Technology Summit are products that every job site should consider to help reduce worksite injuries. Western States prioritizes safety and we were honored to share these values within our supportive community.