Heavy Demolition and Scrap Equipment

Demolition and scrap recycling are tough work, demanding all you have—exhausting both man and machine—and then commanding more.

For the toughest jobs, you need the toughest tools and we can help. Western States Cat offers a full line of machinery, tools and solutions designed to withstand the challenges presented at every stage in demolition and scrap from razing and materials handling to loading and site finishing.


A Full Line of Demolition and Scrap Equipment from the Industry Leader

We have hydraulic excavators, backhoe loaders, multi-processors, shears, hammers and other equipment built to provide the right tools for the job with the quality expected from Cat equipment.


Additional Support to Get the Job Done Right

For your benefit we offer:

  • Site assessment for optimal planning
  • Caterpillar training to ensure operator capability
  • Guards to protect your equipment
  • Flexport tires on new equipment for puncture proofing and operator comfort
  • Air filtration systems built to improve machine life
  • Variable pitch and reverse fans for optimized cooling
  • Patented ground entry cabs to maximize operator safety
  • Technology systems to maximize production, reduce costs and improve safety

For the performance and reliability to keep you going, contact Western States and find out how we can make your job easier.


For Additional Information:

Check out the Cat Demolition and Scrap Recycling page to learn more about our offerings and technology for your industry.