New Cat Hydraulic Mining Shovels for Sale

    Hydraulic Mining Shovels for Sale


    Proven success in nearly every surface mining application across the globe substantiates the durability of Cat® hydraulic shovels. Our equipment is engineered to endure the most difficult digging environments and the harshest conditions to afford our customers the greatest productivity. Simply stated, Cat hydraulic shovels are built to last.


    Mining environments are extremely demanding and put any equipment to the test. The fast pace, heavy loads and large quantities of dust and dirt challenge your equipment’s limits every single day. You need a hydraulic mining shovel you can count on to get the job done. Unscheduled downtime because of a broken machine can put you behind schedule and cost you a lot of money.


    But when you choose for a Cat hydraulic mining shovel, you give your mining operation the best chance at success. You also take advantage of Cat’s position as a leader in mining and heavy construction equipment design and manufacturing, which results in the most intuitive and versatile machines around.


    When you buy your mining shovel through Western States Cat, you benefit from our decades of experience as a construction and industrial equipment leader in the Northwest. Pocatello, Boise Washington, Montana and beyond. We invite you to browse our selection of hydraulic mining shovels for sale and compare the various specifications and features, including:


    • Power
    • Performance
    • Tech features
    • Efficiency
    • Load ratings
    • Capabilities
    • warranty


    You can also contact us at any of our dozen new construction equipment locations for more information and to get help choosing the right model for your mining needs.

    New Cat Hydraulic Mining Shovels


    12 Convenient Locations for New Hydraulic Mining Shovels


    Western States Cat is committed to providing the best equipment at the most convenient locations across 5 western states.



    Our experienced teams will get you the answers you need and point you in the right direction for your choice in hydraulic mining shovels. We’re proud of the excellent lineup of Cat shovels we have for sale and are sure that we have the right model for you.


    Tell us today about your hydraulic mining shovel requirements and expectations and we’ll get started right away finding the perfect new equipment solution.


    Hydraulic Mining Shovels


    Cat hydraulic mining shovels can’t be beat. They’re simply the best-performing and most reliable machines you’ll find. Put a new Cat mining shovel to work for your mining operation and spent more time working with lower maintenance and less downtime. Check out the different models we have available here and compare the different features including bucket size and configuration, operating weight, cabin safety and comfort features and engine performance and efficiency.