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Bit Loadup to 64 000 kg (up to 141,096 lb)
Hole Diameter244 - 406 mm (9.6 - 16 in)
EngineAC Induction Motor - Dual Shaft 522-746 kW (600 hp)
Working Weight339512 lb (154000 kg)
The Cat® MD6640 Rotary Drill is the only electric-drive drill in the Cat family but it shares the same characteristics of performance, reliability and durability with the rest of the drills in the Cat lineup. Ideal for harsh environmental conditions, the MD6640’s industry-leading durability is driven by its excavator-style undercarriage. Thanks to rebuildable components, superior structure and easy serviceability, the MD6640 delivers long life. And it’s built for operators, with a number of features that enhance productivity and reduce fatigue. Designed to drill holes from 244-406 mm (9.6-16 in) in diameter, the MD6640 is is optimized for single-pass or multi-pass drilling in both rotary and down-the-hole drilling modes.


Bit Loadup to 64 000 kg (up to 141,096 lb)
Hole Diameter244 - 406 mm (9.6 - 16 in)
EngineAC Induction Motor - Dual Shaft 522-746 kW (600 hp)
Working Weight339512 lb (154000 kg)
Multi-Pass Hole DepthUp to 85.3 m (280 ft)
Single Pass Hole Depth18.3 - 21.3 m (60 - 70 ft)
Angle Drilling25° off vertical in 5° increments (with optional angle hole equipment)
Triple Grousers (2)900 mm (35.43 in); for soft ground; 120 kPa (17.4 psi) ground bearing pressure
Working Weight380000 lb (172365 kg)
TypeCat 390 Excavator Style
Pad Diameter - Drill End9 in (229 mm)
Winch System - Rating12000 lb (5443 kg)
Maximum Ambient Rating - Standard122 °F (50 °C)
Minimum Ambient Rating - Standard-40 °F (-40 °C)
Stroke - Non-Drill End66 in (1676 mm)
Stroke - Drill End66 in (1676 mm)
Pad Diameter - Non-Drill End9 in (229 mm)
Location(2) positioned outside mast at rear and (2) positioned outside frame at front
Triple Grousers (1)750 mm (29.53 in); for hard ground; 140 kPa (20.3 psi) ground bearing pressure

Benefits and Features

  • Spacious cab mounted on pads to isolate it from vibration
  • High visibility, including overhead sky view
  • Cat ultra-class ergonomic six-way adjustable seat with mechanical swing suspension and footrest

  • Self-cleaning filter and pressurizing unit provide a pressurized, air-cooled environment for machinery and electrical systems
  • Three removable roof hatches facilitate easy exchange of major components
  • Interior and exterior lights

  • Cat to the core, with common parts and components and consistent design characteristics across all Cat drill models
  • Shared software for autonomous features
  • Backed by the world-class support of the Cat dealer network

  • Minimizes downtime and reduces owning and operating costs
  • 32% more drawbar pull, increasing the machine’s steering performance
  • Positive Pin Retention (PPR) system eliminates pin walking

  • Square tubular members, welded in a lattice configuration, reduce stress concentrations at welds
  • Torsion box reinforcements at every 1.5 meters (5 feet) increase mast rigidity, especially for hard rock drilling and angle hole applications

  • Cold and hot weather packages equip the drill for operation at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F)
  • Operates at altitudes up to 3048 m (10,000 ft) with 85 m3/min (3,000 ft3 /min) compressor
  • Operates at altitudes up to 5200 m (17,060 ft) with 108 m3/min (3,800 ft3 /min) compressor

  • Hydraulic operated bit basket for bit changing without having to work under a suspended load
  • Three access and egress points on deck areas and main access
  • Seven engine shutdown buttons
  • Hydraulic arm catchers that minimize the need to climb the mast
  • Automatic, audible tram alarms