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Operating Weight: Log Loader - Over/Under69401 lb (31480 kg)
Engine Power - ISO 9249164 HP (122 kW)
Max Reach at Grapple Mount on Heel at Ground Level - O/U461 in (11710 mm)
Engine ModelCat C7.1
Performance in forestry work is delivered by the Cat® 538 Forest Machine. Offering increased swing torque, a powerful yet fuel efficient engine and high-performance hydraulics, the 538 excels at the needs of your forestry processing needs. Available models optimize the machines for general forestry work, or for log loading.


Operating Weight: Log Loader - Over/Under69401 lb (31480 kg)
Engine Power - ISO 9249164 HP (122 kW)
Max Reach at Grapple Mount on Heel at Ground Level - O/U461 in (11710 mm)
Engine ModelCat C7.1
Engine Power - ISO 14396166 HP (123 kW)
Bore4.1 in (105 mm)
Stroke5.3 in (105 mm)
Displacement427.8 in³ (7.01 l)
Number of Cylinders6
EmissionsTier 4 Final / EU Stage IV
Main System - Maximum Flow at Operation2 pumps X 212 L/min (56 gpm) each = 424 L/min (112 gpm) Total
Maximum Pressure - Equipment5076 psi (35000 kPa)
Maximum System Pressure - Heavy Lift Mode5511 psi (38000 kPa)
Maximum Pressure - Travel5076 psi (35000 kPa)
Maximum Pressure - Swing4496 psi (31000 kPa)
Auxiliary System Maximum Flow: Log Loader - Heel/Grapple45 L/min (12 gpm)
Auxiliary System Maximum Pressure: Log Loader - Heel/Grapple1499 psi (10335 kPa)
Auxiliary System Maximum Flow: Log Loader - Power ClamRotate: 121 L/min (32 gpm)
Auxiliary System Maximum Pressure: Log Loader - Power Clam1499 psi (10335 kPa)
Swing Torque - Log Loader54000 ft·lbf (73.2 kN·m)
Swing Speed - Log Loaders11 r/min (11 r/min)
Swing Torque - General Forestry54000 ft·lbf (73.2 kN·m)
Swing Speed - General Forestry11 r/min (11 r/min)
Number of Track Rollers - Each Side8
Number of Carrier Rollers - Each Side2
Note (1)Heel only, no grapple installed, 770 mm (28") track shoes
Operating Weight: Log Loader - Under/Under69574 lb (31558 kg)
Note (2)Heel only, no grapple installed, 770 mm (28") track shoes
Fuel Tank108.3 gal (US) (410 l)
Cooling System7.9 gal (US) (29.8 l)
Engine Oil6.6 gal (US) (25 l)
Swing Drive2.1 gal (US) (8 l)
Final Drive - Each2.1 gal (US) (8 l)
Hydraulic System - Including Tank42 gal (US) (159 l)
Hydraulic Tank37.8 gal (US) (143 l)
DEF Tank7.4 gal (US) (28 l)
Maximum Drawbar Pull61148 lb (272 kN)
Maximum Speed - Rabbit2.7 mile/h (4.3 km/h)
Maximum Speed - Turtle1.6 mile/h (2.6 km/h)
Log Loader BoomLog Loader Boom and Stick
Shipping Height - Tilted Cab179.4 in (4558 mm)
Length: Log Loader - Boom Stretched Out530.9 in (13485 mm)
Length: Log Loader - Boom and Stick Retracted379.6 in (9643 mm)
Note (1)Dimensions measured with Under/Under Heel, 1.2 m (48 in) cab riser
General Forestry Boom5.68 m (118.6 in)
General Forestry - Drop Nose Stick3.71 m (146 in)
General Forestry Stick - Bucket Thumb-Ready2.92 m (115 in)
General Forestry - Bucket1.4 m3 (1.8 yd3)
Shipping Height - Fixed Riser3901 mm (153.6 in)
Length: General Forestry - Boom Stretched Out480 in (12192 mm)
Length: General Forestry - Boom and Stick Retracted373.7 in (9492 mm)
Note (2)Dimensionss measured with Goose Neck Front, .48 m (18 in) cab riser
Transport Width137.4 in (3490 mm)
Note (3)700 mm (28 in) Double Grouser track shoes
Ground Clearance26 in (660 mm)
Tail Swing Radius109.8 in (2789 mm)
Track Length180.2 in (4578 mm)
Track Gauge109.8 in (2790 mm)
Track Length to Center of Rollers146.7 in (3725 mm)
Undercarriage Pitch8 in (202.8 mm)
Note (1)GLL 52 Grapple installed
Max Level Log Height - O/U324 in (8240 mm)
Reach at Max Height - O/U206 in (5220 mm)
Max Load - O/U28947 lb (13128 kg)
Max Reach at Grapple Mount on Heel at Ground Level - U/U432 in (10970 mm)
Note (1)Cat GLL 52 Grapple installed
Max Level Log Height - U/U319 in (8100 mm)
Reach at Max Height - U/U125 in (3180 mm)
Max Load - U/U30793 lb (13965 kg)
Note (1)Weights measured at stick nose (no processor installed) in maximum reach position
Max Reach at Stick Nose at Ground Level355 in (9020 mm)
Max Weight at Stick Nose in Max Reach Position8465 kg (3839 lb)
Bucket Type1.4 m3 (1.8 yd3) General Duty bucket
Boom5.68 m (18 ft 7 in) Reach
Stick2.92 m (9 ft 7") Reach

Benefits and Features

  • Engine, hydraulics, and work tool integration are optimized to minimize power losses and increase overall machine efficiency
  • Steady state high idle speed and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final technology reduces fuel consumption
  • Larger hydraulic pump allows engine to operate at lower rpm with increased performance to maximize efficiency
  • Component layout and back-to-back main hydraulic control valve reduces oil flow restrictions and aids in greater fuel economy
  • Machine designed for integration and optimization with SATCO® work tools and Cat® grapples
  • Powerful, multi-functioning hydraulics, combined with strong machine performance ensure work tools function quickly and fluidly to complete work faster

  • Cat C7.1 engine with increased horsepower maintains maximum performance under load
  • Strong hydraulic horsepower for efficient implement performance and greater productivity
  • An increase in swing torque of 18 percent, provides added power to move trees, which enables more efficiency and productivity
  • Heavy lift mode features increased lift capacity to handle larger payloads with improved control

  • Wider undercarriage, by 203 mm (8 in), improves stability for increased lift and swing capabilities
  • Heavy duty counterweight as standard equipment ensures machine platform is stable in varied applications

  • Boom arrangements and hydraulic systems for specific applications enable more effective road building, loading, processing, shoveling, or millyard stacking
  • New track options meet shovel logging and low ground pressure application requirements
  • Ground saw hydraulics are available for log loader applications
  • Purpose built processor cab that includes 19 mm (0.75 in) front windows

  • Variable pitch, reversing cooling fan maintains optimum fluid temperatures in heavy duty forestry applications
  • Cooling capability increased 12 percent for trouble-free operation
  • High-wide carbody features double-supported carrier rollers, reinforced idler mounts, heavy-duty top hat, extra gussets, and thick doubler plates for structural integrity in severe applications
  • Larger 203 mm (8 in) pitch Positive Pin Retention 2 links (329 HEX) provide greater life in variable forestry working conditions
  • Purpose-built upper frames provide increased life with box section members, thick doubler plates, reinforced swing drive mounts, rugged door components, and 5 mm (0.2 in) sheet metal
  • Linkage configurations incorporate internal baffle plates, large box sections, and thicker plating to increase service life
  • Validated and proven excavator technologies ensure overall machine reliability

  • One-piece engine hood design, with two opening angles, allows easy access to engine and cooling compartments
  • Side-by-side engine and hydraulic coolers provide easy access for cleaning, while reduced cooling fins per inch allows better debris flow-through to reduce clogging potential
  • 0.28 m3 (10 ft3) of storage space at ground level, gives ready access to tools, equipment, and supplies that operators use daily

  • Fully adjustable, air ride cab seat that includes heating and cooling capability for comfort and reduced operator fatigue.
  • LED lights increase visibility.
  • Cat Product Link™ allows for remote location of a machine and enables tracking of fuel consumption and other events.