794 AC Mining Truck / Haul Truck

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Nominal Rated Payload327 ton (US) (297 t)
Rated Gross Machine Weight1150000 lb (521631 kg)
Gross Power - SAE J19953500 HP (2610 kW)
Standard Gross Power - SAE J19953500 HP (2610 kW)
Designed and manufactured by Caterpillar, the 794 AC electric drive truck is single sourced from one manufacturer and supported by the best dealer network. The 794 AC is designed to:
  • Deliver a true 297 tonnes (327 tons) capacity
  • Deliver reliability and uptime
  • Deliver easy serviceability
  • Deliver low owning and operating cost
  • Deliver operator confidence with four corner wet disc blended service brakes and traction control
The 794 AC is built to deliver to your bottom line.


Nominal Rated Payload327 ton (US) (297 t)
Rated Gross Machine Weight1150000 lb (521631 kg)
Gross Power - SAE J19953500 HP (2610 kW)
Standard Gross Power - SAE J19953500 HP (2610 kW)
Engine ModelCat® C175-16
Optional Gross Power - SAE J19953100 HP (2312 kW)
Optional Gross Power - SAE J1995 (Option 2)2750 HP (2051 kW)
Rated Speed1800 r/min (1800 r/min)
Standard Tires53/80 R63
Total Reduction Ratio35:1
Net Power - SAE J13493405 HP (2539 kW)
Rims36" x 63"
Service BrakesFour-Corner, Wet Disc, Oil Cooled, Hydraulically Actuated
Total Reduction Ratio35:1
Emissions RatingFuel Optimized
Top Speed - Loaded37 mile/h (60 km/h)
Note (1)Quick Change Rims optional.
Bore6.9 in (175 mm)
Note (2)Caterpillar recommends the customer evaluate all job conditions and consult tire manufacturer for proper tire selection and TKPH (TMPH) capabilities.
Struck108-133 m³ (142-175 yd³)
Pump Flow - High Idle (HAA at 1,800 rpm)221 gal/min (840 l/min)
Front Axle - Empty49 % (49 %)
Fuel Tank1300 gal (US) (4922 l)
Generator/AlternatorBrushless, engine mounted, dual bearing
Front Wet Disc Brake Surface Area20378 in² (131473 cm²)
Displacement5187 in³ (85 l)
Stroke8.7 in (220 mm)
Rear Axle - Empty51 % (51 %)
Cooling System211 gal (US) (799 l)
Height - Top of ROPS22.25 ft (6779 mm)
Rear - Wet Disc Brake Surface Area30750 in² (198388 cm²)
Heaped (SAE 2:1)180-222 m³ (236-290 yd³)
Pump Flow - High Idle (LAA at 1,960 rpm)240 gal/min (910 l/min)
ControlsIGBT Inverter Technology, air cooled, pressurized cabinet with filtration
Chassis Weight426237 lb (193338 kg)
Overall Length50.75 ft (15463.5 mm)
Wheel MotorHigh-torque AC induction, rear axle mounted
Crankcase82 gal (US) (310 l)
Front Axle - Loaded33 % (33 %)
Relief Valve Setting - Raise3029 psi (20884 kPa)
Dump Body Plate Thickness Varies Depending on Body Selection - Floor Plate0.63 in (16 mm)
Cooling SystemVariable speed, hydraulically driven cooling system
Wheel Base21.83 ft (6644.5 mm)
Dump Body Plate Thickness Varies Depending on Body Selection - Front Plate0.35 in (9 mm)
Body Raise Time - High Idle24 s (24 s)
Final Drive - Each67 gal (US) (254 l)
Body Weight64346 lb (29187 kg)
Rear Axle - Loaded67 % (67 %)
StandardsISO 3450:2011
Rear Axle - Tail15.5 ft (4716 mm)
Dump Body Plate Thickness Varies Depending on Body Selection - Side Plate0.31 in (8 mm)
High Idle Body Lower Time - Float20 s (20 s)
Parking BrakeFour-corner, Multi-disc, Spring applied, Hydraulically Released
Hydraulic Tank296 gal (US) (1121 l)
Ground Clearance2.67 ft (906 mm)
Dump Body Plate Thickness Varies Depending on Body Selection - Canopy Plate0.2 in (5 mm)
Total Cycle Time44 s (44 s)
ROPS StandardsROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) meets ISO 3471:1994.
Hydraulic System - Including Tank385 gal (US) (1458 l)
Load BrakeRear service brakes
Dump Clearance3 ft (1555 mm)
Sound Standards (1)The operator sound pressure level measured according to work cycle procedures specified in ISO 6394 and 6396 is 75 dB(A) for cab offered by Caterpillar when properly installed, maintained, and tested with doors and windows closed.
FOPS StandardsFOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) meets ISO 3449:1992.
Dynamic Retarding Power - Continuous5480 HP (4086 kW)
Loading Height - Empty22.92 ft (6995 mm)
Sound Standards (2)Hearing protection may be needed when operating with an open operator station and cab (when not properly maintained or doors/windows open) for extended periods or in a noisy environment.
Steering StandardsISO 5010:2007
Overall Height - Body Raised48.42 ft (14747 mm)
Centerline Front Tire Width23 ft (7024 mm)
Front Axle Clearance3.17 ft (969 mm)
Canopy Width (without optional rock deflectors)29.75 ft (9068 mm)
Outside Body Width29.75 ft (9062 mm)
Inside Body Width28.08 ft (8560 mm)
Front Canopy Height26.33 ft (8024 mm)
Rear Axle - Clearance3.08 ft (934 mm)
Centerline of Rear Dual Tire Width18.75 ft (5727 mm)
Overall Tire Width28.67 ft (8738 mm)
Overall Canopy Width31.5 ft (9611 mm)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank100 gal (US) (378 l)
NoteContact your local Cat dealer for body recommendations.
Note (1)Twin, two-stage hydraulic cylinders mounted inside main frame; double-acting cylinders in both stages.
Note (1)Contact factory for high altitude configuration.
Steer Angle39 ° (39 °)
NoteGross Machine Operating Weight is 521 631 kg (1,150,000 lb).
Note (1)Consult your tire manufacturer for maximum tire load.
Note (1)DEF Tank only available for EPA Tier 4 / EU Stage V engine option.
Note (2)Tier 4 / EU Stage V option available for regions that require these emissions standards.
Note (2)Chassis weight with full fuel and fluids, standard & mandatory attachments, hoist, body mounting group, rims, and tires
Note (2)Power raise in both stages; power down in both stages possible.
Note (3)Refer to Cat Mining Truck 10/10/20 Overload Policy (AEXQ0250) for maximum gross machine weight limitations.
Note (3)Automatic body-lower modulation reduces impact on frame.
Note (3)Tier 4 / EU Stage V engine option Net Power - SAE J1349: 3434 HP (2561 kW)
Note (4)Tier 4 Final / Stage V chassis weight: 426312 lb (193372 kg)

Benefits and Features


— Wide field of view for greater visibility
— Integrated ROPS and FOPS
— Door sensor warning for park brake application
— Wide ladders, flat deck, toe kicks
— Integrated emergency brakes
— Anti-rollback(reverse shiftinhibitor)
— Stored energy dissipation at shutdown
— Traction control
— Optional powered access stair attachment


Standard 600 mm (24") wide ladders, flat deck, toe kicks, and optional power access stair attachment allows for easy and safe access and egress.


The Cat drive controls feature anti-roll back, traction controls, a park brake warning when exiting the cab and an automatic retarder that inspires operator confidence and error prevention.


The 794 AC features a ground level system lockout, engine lockout and propulsion lockout (in ECM cabinet), VIMS monitoring, and stored energy dissipation at shutdown. These features, and the excellent serviceability of the 794 AC, allow your technicians to perform repairs safely and quickly.


— Over 350,000 hours of field operation
— Over 5.5 million hours validation on the powertrain
— More than 40,000 hours on the highest-hour truck
— 5,300 C175 engines in operation with more than 63 million hours in machine applications


— Travels at a speed of 12.9 kph / 8 mph
— Achieves top speed of 60 kph / 37 mph
— Capable of traveling at a maximum 28% grade loaded


Boosts operator confidence:
— Goes faster longer
— Four corner wet disc brakes, with automatic slack adjusters
—Blended service brakes with retarding for traction control
— Slow speed blended retarding for positive stopping


The individual components, software, systems and engine that go inside a Cat truck have different purposes, but they have one very important thing in common: They are all manufactured by Caterpillar and supported by the Cat dealer network.

This integration ensures that the entire truck — from body to bumper, engine to electronics — can be fully optimized to deliver the lowest cost per ton.


The Cat engine, AC drive system, hydraulics and controls have been integrated to make the 794 easy to operate, providing excellent slow speed control within the service areas and superior throttle response on acceleration to move out of the loading or dump areas. Integration of the engine and powertrain delivers low operating costs through electronically combined powertrain components.
— 100% designed, validated and built by Caterpillar
— Full support of Cat dealer and parts network


No one knows more about how to get the most from a piece of Cat equipment than your local Cat dealer. This one-of-a-kind, on-the-ground support network delivers expert service, integrated solutions, after-sales support, fast and efficient parts fulfilment, world-class rebuild and remanufacturing capabilities, and more.

Cat dealers operate as nearly 200 local businesses — each one fully embedded in and committed to the geographic area it serves. That means you work with people you know, who know your business, and who respond on your timeframe.


Governments and regulatory agencies mandate that you establish and follow environmentally sound policies and practices as you meet the demand for mined materials. We're focused on doing our part to make sure our trucks help you meet those regulations.


We've designed the 794 AC to use less fuel, which reduces engine emissions and carbon footprint. The optional Tier 4 Final / Stage V engine reduces NOx and particulate matter. And we've reduced oil usage and filter change intervals.


The Cat AC drive is a high voltage system (2,600 volts) that operates at lower current than most competitive trucks. When combined with Cat's total integration and design of the truck and drive system, the result is higher efficiency, lower heat generation, smaller and lighter components, and longer component life.
— The Enhanced Engine Oil Filtration (EEOF) package, eliminates the need for an engine oil filter change and reduces oil usages.

Engines with Advanced Technology

Engines with advanced technology contribute to better fuel economy and decreased emissions.

12,000 Hour Coolant and Low Oil / Lube Consumption

The 794 AC has exceptionally low oil and lube consumption when compared to the competition. This provides a reduced impact on the environment, lower cost of ownership, and less maintenance time.


Cat trucks are designed to last over 100,000 hours, and many are going well beyond that. The frame, powertrain, engine and components are built to be rebuilt — using new, remanufactured or rebuilt parts and components — so you can take advantage of multiple lives of like-new performance at a fraction-of-new price.


Thanks to a significant speed advantage, the Cat 794 AC lets you move more over the course of a shift — or move the same amount of material with fewer trucks.
— Lower empty weight
— Higher-rated GMW
— Higher-rated field payload than competitors
— Faster speeds


Optimized horsepower performance makes it possible for the 794 to run in all areas of the mine — from deep pits to downhill hauls; from smooth, flat roads to areas of high rolling resistance — with the same engine.

While higher horsepower is available to boost productivity in deeper pits, an easy adjustment to a lower horsepower allows the 794 to better align with mixed fleets and keep fuel costs lower. This horsepower setting is configured by software and doesn't require an engine change. In addition, body choices allow you to select, design and customize options based on your application.

Cat® MineStar™ Solutions

Whether you want to address a single challenge or make step changes in the overall safety, efficiency and productivity of your surface operation, Cat® MineStar™ has a solution for you. MineStar is the mining industry's most comprehensive and thoroughly integrated suite of technology offerings.


Cat Fleet helps you identify opportunities to improve truck efficiency in ways that reduce costs, boost productivity and add real value to your bottom line.
— Eliminate Queuing
— Optimize Shift Changes
— Reduce Fuel Stops


This autonomous hauling solution helps improve productivity, efficiency and profitability while reducing overall costs.

What if your trucks could respond to calls to the shovel, move into position, haul to dump points and even report for maintenance — all without an operator on board? That's what Cat Command for hauling enables.

But this autonomous Cat MineStar solution is more than just an operator-free system. It takes advantage of the most sophisticated technologies available to deliver a next-generation haulage solution — one that boosts safety, productivity and availability on busy mine sites, especially those in difficult or remote locations. With autonomous hauling, the future is here — and we're there to help you bring it to your operation.


With the MineStar Detect proximity detection system, you can equip your 794 with cameras to give your operators a better view of what's happening around their equipment — or combine cameras and radar into a true object detection system that automatically alerts operators to hazards.

You can even add satellite capabilities to provide proximity warnings and avoidance zones, seat-belt monitoring that encourages operators to buckle up, and in-cab systems that intervene when they detect fatigue or distraction.


When it comes to truck bodies, one size does not fit all. And when it comes to your Cat truck, Cat bodies are the best choice. We follow a dynamic approach to engineering — treating the body as part of a system rather than a static structure. Cat bodies are designed to be an integral part of the entire vehicle system, ensuring you achieve maximum chassis life.
— They're sized to meet payload requirements without compromise to vehicle balance, braking or control.
— From the design to the materials, manufacturing to shipping, the entire process meets Cat standards of quality and control.
— The Caterpillar 10/10/20 payload guidelines help achieve a balance of excellent payload with safe operation.

Integrated Body and Chassis Design

Integral to the truck the body is designed to fit with the chassis and work as part of the truck system. Each body is sized to meet the payload requirements without compromise to vehicle balance, braking or control.

High Efficiency (HE) Body

The body is sized and configured to meet the specific needs dictated by fragmentation, abrasion, cohesion, and the loading tool to maximize the payload capability of the truck.

  • Curved floor, front, and canopy strengthens entire body as a structure.
  • Strength of base plates allows minimal wear package and low operating weight.
  • Joint isolation system reinforces welded areas and exploits high strength main plates.
  • Runners transfer weight to the truck frame.


— Open engine access and platforms for service of engine, generator and inverter
— Ground level filters and service
— Component layout with minimized hydraulics, all hydraulic lines on one side and electric wiring on the other side
— Separate traction motors, brakes and final drives for ease of service
— Modular component design that allows for easy removal and installation
— AC grid blower motor designed for longer life and less maintenance
— Pressurized and filtered AC drive inverter that requires less maintenance
— Sealed & pressurized cabinets, which require no cleaning
— 1,000-hour oil change interval with Tier 4 configuration

Standard Equipment

  • C175-16 Diesel Engine
    – Turbocharging (4)/aftercooled
    – Air to air after cooler (ATAAC)
    – Air cleaner (4) with precleaner
    – Elevated low idle control
    – Multi-point oil pressure sensing
    – Pre-lubrication/engine
  • Braking system:
    – Brake release towing
    – Oil-cooled, multi-disc (front and rear) (service, retarding, parking, secondary)
    – Automatic Retarder Control
    – Electric dynamic retarding with blended low speed
    – Extended life brake disc material
  • Cat AC drive train:
    – IGBT controlled AC induction motors
    – AC generator
    – AC cooled radial grid
  • Body-up reverse neutralizer
  • Programmable top speed
  • Rear axle continuous lube/filtration
  • Reverse shift inhibitor
  • Directional shift management
  • Neutral coast inhibitor
  • Body-up shift inhibitor
  • Neutral start inhibitor
  • Alarm, backup
  • Brushless alternator 150 amp charging
  • Batteries – 12V (8) 90 amp hour
  • Converter, 12V electrical
  • Electrical system, 24V, 10, 15, 20 amp fuses and breakers
  • Battery charge receptacle
  • Lighting, signals/service:
    – Halogen lighting package
    – Backup and hazard lighting
    – Directional signals (front and rear LED)
    – Front stair access/service deck
    – Stop/tail lights (LED)
    – Engine compartment
    – Inverter energy LED warning lights
  • Air conditioner
  • 12V DC power supply (1)
  • Cup holder (2)
  • Diagnostic connection port
  • Dome courtesy light
  • Entertainment radio ready:
    – 20 amp switched/10 amp memory converter
    – Speakers, and wiring harnesses
  • Gauges/indicators
  • Gauge panel:
    – Hydraulic oil temperature
    – Engine coolant temperature
    – Fuel level
    – DEF level (Tier 4 / Stage V only)
    – Electric engine control fault indicator
    – Electric hour meter
    – Speedometer
    – Tachometer
    – VIMS message center advisor
  • Heater/defroster
  • Storage space behind seat
  • ROPS cab, insulated/sound suppressed
  • Seat, operator, air suspension
  • Seatbelt, operator, three points
  • Seat, trainer, air suspension
  • Seatbelt, trainer, two point
  • Steering wheel, tilt, telescopic
  • Tinted glass
  • Window, electric powered, operator/passenger
  • Wiper, windshield, intermittent control and washer
  • Fixed access ladder
  • Extended life coolant to –35° C (–30° F)
  • Traction control system
  • Auxiliary “buddy” dumping quick connect
  • Auxiliary steering quick connect (towing)
  • Rotating component guards
  • Fast fill fuel system (LH and RH side)
  • Fast fill DEF system (RH side) - Tier 4 / Stage V only
  • Fuel filter with water separator
  • Ground level battery lockout
  • Machine lockout
  • Engine start lockout
  • ECM cabinet lockout
  • Ground level engine shut-down
  • Rock ejectors (chain)
  • Tow hooks and pin (front)
  • Tow pin (rear) (empty truck only)
  • Mudflaps
  • Coolant level gauge (on radiator)
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • S•O•S℠ sample points (hydraulic, cooling, engine)

Optional Equipment

  • 2050 kW (2,750 hp) and 2312 kW (3,100 hp) options available
  • HAA arrangements available
  • Throttle lock
  • Timer, engine shutdown
  • Body heat exhaust
  • Gel batteries (8)
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting package
  • LED lighting package
  • Fog lights
  • LED work lights
  • English or Metric gauges
  • Payload, digital display
  • Powered access ladder
  • Inverter platform
  • Fast fill fuel system (front and right)
  • Rims: Six (6) position and quick change
  • ANSI and ISO service instructions
  • Retarding indicator light
  • Cab pedestal for additional display
  • Radio/CD player
  • Front bumper center tow attachment
  • Brake wear indicator tool
  • Coolant –50° C (–58° F)
  • HE dump body rock box liner
  • HE dump body canopy rock deflectors
  • Heated mirrors (LH and RH)
  • Rear axle oil cooler
  • Standard accumulators and Australia/Canada certified accumulators
  • Hot start, for cold weather
  • Diesel fuel warmer
  • Wheel chocks (ANSI or ISO)
  • Portable fire extinguisher
  • Murphy gauge
  • High efficiency dump body
    – 1543 kg/m³ (2,600 lb/yd³) density body
    – 1721 kg/m³ (2,900 lb/yd³) density body
    – 1839 kg/m³ (3,100 lb/yd³) density body
    – 2076 kg/m³ (3,500 lb/yd³) density body
  • Canopy extension
  • Body rock box
  • Side profile lighting
  • Central service
  • Language monitors – English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Estonian, Latin, Lithuanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Icelandic, Finnish, Danish, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnam, Malaysian, Chinese