The Heavy Equipment Service Department at Western States Cat is committed to customer success. We hire, train and employ the best technicians in the industry. Our advanced technology and superior tooling allow us to successfully work on both Cat and competitor alike. This means, regardless of the brands running your site, we can keep you going.

We boast:


We are masters of our craft when it comes to equipment service. We quickly recognize common and unique heavy equipment concerns and guarantee fast, high-quality repairs. Contact us today to see how we can help you succeed.

Western States Cat is raising the bar for troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair. We can’t help it. That’s just how we’re built.

Heavy Equipment Service From Western States Cat

All kinds of industries rely on heavy equipment to get the job done each day:

The last thing an owner or manager wants is for things to go wrong with vital equipment, because any issues are likely to cost money. When a big machine has a problem, it can cause injury, delay project schedules and affect project quality.

You have a lot riding on your heavy equipment, so it pays dividends to trust its service to knowledgeable and experienced professionals. There are many other benefits, but we highlight here six of the advantages you gain with Western States Cat as a partner for heavy equipment service in the Northwest.


Heavy Equipment Expertise

Regardless of the type of machine having an issue or the kind of problem it has, we'll have an expert available to diagnose and fix it

Western States Cat adds to your support with hundreds of experienced, highly trained heavy equipment service technicians in our locations across the northwest. Regardless of the type of machine having an issue or the kind of problem it has, we’ll have an expert available to diagnose and fix it.

Idle machinery affects the bottom line and, at times, even a company’s reputation. Contractors need it fixed yesterday and can’t wait. Along with heavy equipment experience, skills and knowledge goes availability. Our technician team brings broad resources to ensure your business won’t suffer because there are other jobs, vacations or illnesses.

All of our heavy machine technicians are specialists, which means you don’t have to wonder whether we have the right skills. Western States Cat is a longtime Cat® dealer, and that means our techs have access to some of the world’s most effective, advanced and well-researched training tools.

For example, there are regional training centers where technicians have opportunities for hands-on and virtual experiences unique to the Cat standard. It goes beyond the voluntary certification heavy equipment mechanics can obtain through the National Institute for Automotive Excellence (NASE), which requires an exam and is another good sign of quality.

Western States Cat strives to educate everyone about what signs differentiate a decent mechanic from the kind of stellar mechanics we employ. A lot of it is certification and ongoing training as well as overall proficiency and professionalism, while other qualities involve the individuals’ ingenuity.

Business owners and project managers need more time to focus on their true business — not worry about machine maintenance. Too often, someone who is handy tinkers around with an excavator or earth mover and ends up doing more damage than good.

You want any maintenance, service and certainly repairs to have integrity and the strength to last. From pavers and pipe layers to foresters and wheeled or tracked loaders, our highly trained technicians will find and fix the issue.

Your machine may have attachments, accessories or customization that you need for someone to understand. Western States Cat has the experience to address the entire machine, whether it’s Cat equipment or another brand.


Heavy Equipment Service Facilities Near You

Part of providing outstanding service is making sure we have the space and tools to accommodate any maintenance, service and repair project clients may have. Our facilities include multiple heavy equipment service bays in each of our 17 regions so you can get in immediately.

Our bays and services are available whenever needed, 365 days a year

The company blankets about 191,000 square miles throughout IdahoMontanaOregonWashington and Wyoming with a dozen service locations and 13 rental stores. Our bays and services are available whenever needed, 365 days per year.

Within our shops, we test machine hydraulic, fuel and transmission systems. We offer full services for all aspects of the track and undercarriage on dozers, loaders, trucks and other machines. Western States Cat maintains a specialized fluid and oil analysis lab, which gives you detailed insight into your machine’s performance.

Some people with heavy machines to maintain, service and repair become frustrated with procedures that require lots of room to maneuver. That’s why our facilities have plenty of space and the specialized equipment — such as cranes and a lube line — needed to handle the work.

Western States Cat ensures that we maintain a high standard of quality and the best technology in each bay. Our technicians understand the importance of heavy equipment in your line of work, which is why we stake our own reputation on ensuring your long-term success.

It’s in our company culture to share facts and data that can benefit our clients, increase efficiency and generate new solutions. For example, a breakthrough in how to repair an excavator or another piece of equipment could be communicated to all to benefit you and your machine.



Stuff breaks in the real world, it’s undeniable — and breakdowns rarely happen at a convenient time. No, equipment problems will inevitably pop up right as you’re within reach of an early-finish bonus.

If you can’t get the machine to the shop, Western States Cat can bring a heavy equipment field service shop to you. We maintain a fleet of field service trucks equipped with many of the same tools as our service bays, such as a crane and lube line.

When you need to call for field service, there is often money, a deadline, or both hanging in the balance.  Emergency field service can make the difference for projects where delays are particularly costly.

You can do perfect maintenance and best practices on a machine, but some situations will still stop it in its tracks. Unplanned work stoppages happen every day and the reasons why can vary:

  • Untrained and inexperienced operators may use the machine improperly.
  • Even experienced, well-trained operators may accidentally exceed the load capacity.
  • Unexpected objects may come into play from above or below the machine to wreck it.
  • Excessive dust or moisture can cause parts to malfunction.
  • Poor maintenance can lead to breakdown, including dirty fluids, low hydraulic pressure or a lot of dirt, mud, sand or other materials.
  • Machines can easily overheat when crews are focused on deadlines.
  • Fires can start from any number of sources.
  • A short develops in the electrical system due to excessive vibration.

In construction projects, there are nearly always firm deadlines and required milestones. It’s fairly common to have a bonus tied to early or on-time completion. Many contracts include a clause for penalties if the project isn’t completed by a deadline. For example, there would be a standard charge for every day the job runs late.

Field and emergency services from Western States Cat can make the difference between getting the bonus and getting penalized.

Hypothetical examples of badly timed breakdowns are abundant. A road-building project might be delayed late in the season because a grader or paver breaks. Delays can lead to the unfinished project being covered in snow.

Many construction project deadlines are tied to an event scheduled for a certain date, like a museum opening or a church fellowship hall hosting a wedding or big activity. It can mean several kinds of trouble if something gives way and threatens to impact the schedule.

There are three important points to remember about emergency and field service for heavy equipment:

  1. Anyone who runs big machines will need it sooner or later.
  2. A service relationship or commitment already in place will help the issue get resolved faster.
  3. You’ll want a provider with enough staff resources to provide responsive service by someone who’s proficient with your kind of earthmover, dozer or loader in the field.

A Fleet of More than 100 Field Service Trucks

We apply the same standard of excellence to our service trucks as we do the in-shop bays

When you need field and emergency maintenance or repair, you really need it. That’s one reason we offer it and invest in top-notch technology for the trucks. Our service trucks can bring practically any service right to you. They’re equipped to troubleshoot the problem accurately and make any necessary repairs.

Our trucks carry cranes, air compressors, cutting and welding equipment, digital diagnostic tools and complete electronic systems. We apply the same standard of excellence to our service trucks as we do the in-shop bays.

Equipment includes the most up-to-date components so our trucks and technicians are prepared to service everything from brand-new systems to vintage models. You want whoever is coming to do an in-field repair to have the right on-board tools to both detect and fix your issue.

For a few hypothetical examples:

  • A sensor on the machine malfunctions. While a small thing, it can signal problems to the system and cause an automatic shutdown. In this case, you’d need a service truck that can accurately test for these issues.
  • A track slips off mid-job due to rough terrain and you have no time to load it up and take it to the shop. Our trucks include cranes and other tools able to safely lift machines for track and undercarriage repairs.
  • Dirt gets into a vital part of the machine and causes it to quit or underperform. Sometimes a blast of air or a dusting will clear the problem, but other times you might need the power of an on-board compressor and special attachments designed to get at the problem without exerting too much pressure on it.

Also, you may decide field truck service best fits your needs for things other than emergencies. People regularly get overhauls, upgrades, replacements, repairs, maintenance, inspections, retrofits, rebuilds, audits and more from these mobile units. They’re vastly more convenient than loading and hauling.

You might be a forester whose machine throws a rod in the middle of the woods as a logging truck makes its approach. You might be a land developer with land to clear and deadlines to meet when an excavator or grader springs a hydraulic leak. The point is, whatever your business, Western States Cat can respond to your needs quickly and effectively wherever you happen to be working.


Confidence in Certified Machines and Custom Rebuilds

At some point, every heavy equipment owner or fleet manager must think about end-of-use issues. Whatever decisions they make, they want to be confident in what they can expect from their options.

For example, you might plan to replace an aging machine with a new or lightly-used one. You may decide to do a complete overhaul, rebuild the engine and keep it for many more years. Or, you could be saving for a brand-new, fully-warrantied machine.

Most people who use dozers and loaders and the like look forward to the time when they can upgrade. They want more digging force, bigger bucket capacity or to go from a tracked to a wheeled loader. An upgrade can happen by purchasing a different machine new or used or by rebuilding the one you have, adding strength and maybe more attachments along with it.

Every certified used machine Western States Cat sells includes a Cat warranty on the powertrain and hydraulics that lasts for 1,000 hours or 12 months. We only carry machines that are fewer than five years old and have low hours. We insist on minimum standards for wear on tires, undercarriage and ground-engaging tools.

Before a piece of heavy equipment gets certified and as “like new,” it undergoes a rigorous 140-point check done by our certified technicians.

Companies’ rebuild or upgrade needs may range from a certified ground-to-bucket rebuild or services to rebuild one or many of the following components:

  • Axle
  • Brake
  • Engine
  • Drive train
  • Hydraulics
  • Power train
  • Torque converters
  • Transmission
  • Undercarriage

Certified Machine Rebuilds

There are more than 7000 parts typically replaced during a cat certified rebuild

Cat-certified heavy equipment machine rebuilds mean your machine goes through a series of detailed steps to earn its certification:

  1. Analyze machine fluid and perform a visual inspection to form rebuild plan and cost estimate.
  2. Disassemble the entire machine, including bearings, belts, gaskets, hoses, knobs, seals, wiring, switches and gauges, which get replaced, too. There are about 7,000 parts typically replaced during a Cat-certified rebuild, but some may stay in place if they meet strict quality and performance specifications.
  3. Recondition anywhere necessary. This includes straightening, welding or reinforcing the frame; replacing worn linkage pins and shaft bearings; restoring hydraulic systems and pressure to original; and replacing electronic controls.
  4. Retrofit the machine with improvements developed after it was manufactured.
  5. Test the power train, which covers the differential, engine, final drives, fuel system, radiator, torque converter and transmission.
  6. Reassemble and restore/maintain vital clearances, torques and pressure and replace wiring harnesses.
  7. Test for quality of the transmission, clutch, valve pressure, transmission, rpm, throttle, turbocharger and cleanliness.
  8. Depending on the kind of rebuild you decide to get, your machine could be repainted and have new graphics applied to it.

Whichever way a business decides to go when a machine is nearing the end of its life, Western States Cat has the resources, skills and processes to accommodate it. Our multi-point certification inspections, Cat quality and warranty comprehensiveness come together to give all our clients the confidence they want in their new, used or rebuilt machine or major component.

Diverse Support Services

Another benefit you gain doing your heavy equipment service through Western States Cat is an array of support options to help foster success:


Machine Service

We offer two levels of technical analysis to suit your needs. For a Level I technical analysis, a technician checks the fluids, does a visual examination, looks at seals and structural components, listens for noise and finds any loose parts.

The Level II technical analysis includes everything from Level I plus tests of the pressure, cycle time and cylinder drift. The technician will also, if needed, reset it to factory, download fault codes and sample oil.


EM Solutions

Cat Equipment Management Solutions eliminates a lot of headaches. With EM Solutions, Western States Cat can monitor fleet health, automatically schedule maintenance, protect against theft and monitor performance. One of the main advantages it offers is to identify issues before they become costly problems that cause delays.



Our Cat scheduled oil sampling program entails taking a bit of fluid to analyze from each of the vital systems. S.O.S. gives you valuable information about machine performance and also catches small issues before they become big ones. S.O.S. helps prioritize the maintenance schedule and avoid downtime.



Customer value agreements with Western States Cat are preventative maintenance contracts that include us doing machine inspections at regular intervals, performing maintenance, testing fluids, and reporting to the client about all of it.


Truck and Diesel

Along with every variety of heavy machinery, Western States Cat services a large volume of trucks and diesel engines. We do everything from the ultra-modern ACERTTM Cat engines to ones that may be older or from another brand entirely. You can get dynamometer testing, regular maintenance, repair, and cleaning.


Power Generation

There’s no bigger compliment for us than when sheriffs’ offices, manufacturers, and hospitals choose our power generation services as their backup power source. While that’s a common example of someone who might use our clean, reliable, and economical generators, many others use them for both backup and primary power.


Hydraulics Integrity

Cat design features elements that protect the hydraulic system: the seal, the filter, and the fluid. They work to keep particles out of the fluid since any foreign matter — even microscopic particles — in the fluids will wreak havoc on the machine sooner or later.


Contamination Control

You get a clean environment at Western States Cat. We are ultra-conscious of how bad dirt in the fluid can be. You want someone who respects those facts as they sample oil, perform maintenance or make necessary repairs.



Every member of our staff is an expert in their respective operation. Our standards for personnel, training, and company culture ensure that only trained hands touch vital components such as hydraulics. Our facilities include several kinds of specialized sub-shops.


Get in Touch With Us Today

At all times, our team considers all these services as they help you evaluate the best options to augment your success. We’ll use all our resources and 61 years of heavy equipment service experience to benefit you and your business.

Our goal at Western States Cat is to always help our customers become more profitable and efficient. We suggest you bookmark our website so it’s on your favorites list. We’d be glad to hear from you anytime and help with any heavy equipment parts, service or rental needs you may have.

our goal at western states cat is to always help our customers become more profitable and efficient